Run through the jungle: CA primaries tomorrow (6/5)

California has its jungle primaries tomorrow, and it’s interesting. On the one hand, the Dems are hoping to shut the GOP out by winning both of the top two slots in the Senate and Governor races. On the other, they’re afraid of getting shut out in up to four potentially winnable House races, due to a plethora of candidates.

Adam Schiff: “We are all pulling our hair out” over tomorrow’s primaries.

And to make things even more interesting, the expectation is for light turnout.

I voted over the weekend. Is there anyone in the state who is not running for governor? Sheesh. Granted, it was worse when Arnold ran in the recall election, but this is pretty ridiculous. Gavin Newsom will be landing on that final stepping stone before running for president in 2024 or 2028.

Jeff Bleich for Lieutenant Governor!

Newsom’s ex wife is now going out with soon to be single Don. Jr. She’s a Fox news person so that’s a good match. Maybe Don Jr. can run for prez vs. Gavin :slight_smile:

Gavin Newsom may not even win governor. He slept with his best friend’s wife. That may be crossing the line for many plus he looks like a used car salesman. Then again. Senator Kamela Harris basically slept her way to the top with Willie Brown who was fifty years her senior. Can the media cover for Newsom the way they did for Kamela? We will see.

PS- If Kamela Harris and Elizabeth Warren run for POTUS on the same ticket, it should be nicknamed, " The Faux and the Ho." Remember I coined the term.

Oh Christ, are you channeling Roseann? So she dated Willie Brown, big deal. Just because a woman dated a man who became mayor means that she has no talents of her own and could not have risen on her own merit?

Warren a “faux”? Why? Are channeling the Nazi in the Oval Office? Do tell us what makes her a “faux”. I assume you mean the native American phony outrage but I’d be happy to know if that isn’t what you meant.

Newsom looks like the guy who would play the president in a movie. Also, No way are there 2 women on a ticket that just won’t fly

I’m voting tomorrow. Too many mailers touted MAGA and trump support for me not to answer with a straight Democratic party line vote.

Reports are that the latest polls are showing Republican Cox coming in second in the Primary for Governor. So, there is still a chance it won’t be Democrat vs. Democrat.

This is a warning for being a jerk, but it could easily have been for trolling. Typically we allow derogatory comments or insults to off board persons, and even moreso in the Pit. This isn’t however, free reign to unleash uncreative and pedestrian misogyny. Seriously, calling her a “Ho”? Are you 12 years old. Knock that shit off.


There might be a bump in the Bay Area turnout because of a local ballot measure that would raise most of the bridge tolls by $1 (to $6, except for the morning commute on the Bay Bridge, which would become $7), then again in 2022 and in 2025. There are quite a few people that have to pay two tolls every weekday.

I’m in Rohrbacher’s district and I don’t have a clue how to vote yet. My top priority is to make sure a Democrat gets on the ballot in November but, of the two remaining contenders, I’m not sure which one has a better chance of beating the second place Republican. Right now, it looks like they could split the vote and neither one would make the general. To be honest, they both kind of suck (but are 50x better than the incumbent). This top-two jungle primary could become the new poster child for “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

I thought they made the bridge tolls one-way years ago. No? Or are you saying people cross two bridges every day?

LA Times editorial takes down John Chiang

You’re in a rough spot. From the OC people I’ve talked to it sounds like Rouda might be the safe choice — therefore the way the undecideds breaK?

As I fill out my ballot just across the Orange Curtain in Long Beach, I’ve mostly been worrying about which Dem should get my vote for the second spots — assuming the front-runner Dems are a shoo-in.

He’s getting my strategic-slash-protest vote on the off chance he can keep Villaraigosa off the ballot in November. (I guess if I really wanted to keep AV off, I shoulda voted for the Republican.)

Just got back from voting. Busted the First Baptist Church for illegal signage at the same time. They had campaign signs for a candidate right by the entrance to the parking lot, within 100’ of the polling place. To their credit they jumped to pull them down when I pointed that out.

But my vote was cast - just a lonely blue voice in a blood-red district in a blue state.

Looked pretty sparse this morning. Polls opened at 7:00. I showed up at the elementary school cafeteria polling place at 7:55 and was greeted with “Are you a voter? Oh good”. I was voter #12. By the time I left, 2 more people had shown up. So 14 voters in the first hour.

Same here. Newsom’s a lock for first place, so we’re just picking second place. Tony Villar was too sleazy as mayor for me to want him to advance his political career any further. Chiang’s a boring wonk, but that could be what the state needs.

I’m waiting to find out that Chiang’s a scumbag too, but since it’s a primary, hell yeah I’m not voting for Villaraigosa.

I really hope that California, which was willing to try the jungle primary experiment, might be willing to try any of the many other voting systems that are better. Because I don’t want to be thinking about who’s going to be in the second ballot spot in November when I cast my vote. And I shouldn’t have to be in that situation – nor should my fellow voters.

Not sure how things are where you live, but most everyone I know votes by mail.