How many of California's federal representatives to the house are republicans now

They have 53 representatives.

I know there are a few elections outstanding, but how many of those 53 reps from California are republicans now?

I think it is only around ~10 at this point, and they may even lose some of those as the ballots keep coming in.

Does anyone know? I’m wondering if after all the ballots are counted, as few as 6 of those 53 will be republicans.

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Apparently, somewhere between 9 and 12, depending on the result in some races where the vote hasn’t been decided yet. The article below is as of Wednesday. Does anyone have more recent results?:

Wouldn’t that make it 7 to 11 GOP reps? I thought the GOP only had 13/53 seats before the 2018 election. They’ve already lost 2 and I don’t think they gained any D seats.

Here’s a roundup from the LA Times. They’ll give you a few free article views before paywalling.

TL;DR no more than 11, possibly as few as 6.

But as long as Devin Nunes is among them, we are still not safe.

Both Wikipedia and Ballotpedia show 8 Republicans and 3 TBD.

Zero seats flipped to red. Three seats flipped to blue.

The three TBD seats are currently red, only one of which will probably flip.

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Based on the LAT article, there are 14 R seats. Three have flipped, leaving 11. Four are still too close to call–so my bad on the math in my prior post. So possibly as few as 7.

Thank you for that. I miscounted, there were 14 GOP reps before the election, not 13.

Three were flipped (25th, 48th, 49th), 3 are TBD (10th, 39th, 45th).

So there will be 8-11.

Again, LAT suggests there are still 4 possible flips.

Again, there are only three now as shown in the Wikipedia link. Mike Levin was declared the winner earlier today for Issa’s former seat.

One of those was the 49th, and that has now been called for the Democrat.

The 10th just officially flipped!

The SFGate is annoying about their paywall - could not read just one article.

Here is a recent LA Times article.

Four of the six seats have been flipped.

And the 45th has now flipped. It’s right in the middle of Orange County.

All we have left is the 39th. Out of almost 199k votes cast, they are separated by 122 votes. The Republican is ahead.

Down to 48 as of 5pm today.With quite a few uncounted ballots in LA, Orange and San Bernadino counties.

Gil Cisneros is now in the lead.

Edit: by a thousand votes? wow. Could’ve sworn his lead was only a few hundred votes not long ago.

Looks like 8 republicans, 45 democrats in the house from California. Nice.