Running processes on Macbook after latching screen?

Is there a way to keep a Macbook Pro from going to sleep automatically when the screen is shut against the keyboard? In particular, is it possible to continue running a process, such as playing music, after engaging the latches on the screen? I’m running OS 10.4.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if this has changed, but for most (all?) past Mac laptops, it was possible, but it required screwing with the latch sensor, and then you’d have to actually set the laptop to sleep when you didn’t want it to run.

There isn’t a setting anywhere to tell the laptop tp just ‘do nothing’ when the screen is closed?

Not that I’m aware of. Maybe it’s some kind of “hidden” setting you can change by editing plist files or something.

[b/]iamthewalrus(:3=**, I would prefer not to do anything that would void my warrantee :).