Rupert Jee vs Apu

Dave Letterman’s favorite owner of Hello, Deli
The Simpson’s Proprietor of the Qwik-E-Mart

who would win?

Apu, hands down. Rupert is pretty cool, but I don’t think he handle being shot repeatedly.

Apu, if he’s pre…

Aw, forget it.

Does either one of them have a 1920’s style “Death Ray?”

Apu probably still has some 1920’s luncheon meat. . .

Rupert would just shred the animated cels that Apu was on.


This is just between you and me, smashed hat, but I think Apu would win. I am unsure of the hours of the Hello Deli, but I am guessing that eventually Rupert must close up and go home. The Kwik-E-Mart is open 24 hours, and Apu is there most of the time. He worked so long once, he thought he was a hummingbird. Although I suppose with a wife and eight kids, he has to go home sometimes, but then either Sanjay or Little Jamshed would take over, I guess.