Who has visited a Kwik-E-Mart?

Although I know 7-11 was doing extensive cross-promotion re the upcoming Simpsons Movie, I didn’t realize they actually transformed a dozen of them to more closely resemble Apu’s Springfield haunt.

Now that I know I’ve got one nearby, I suppose I’m going to have to see it for myself. Anyone already done so?

Though still a regular 7-11, I did spot some Krusty-O’s at my local mart and bought them, only to discover (disappointingly) that they were just Fruit Loops with a few extra colors. :frowning: At least throw in some marshmellows! Anyone try the Buzz colas or Squishees now available?

Also, are any Dopers out there buying the food items that might give them the (remote) chance of becoming an animated character on a future episode?

I have! Woo-hoo!

I’ve been to the New York Kwik-E-Mart. Very nicely done.

I’ve also been to the Times Square one. I thought they did a very good job - my one regret was that the clerks never said “Thank you, come again!” when I left. Some of the signs and small touches were very amusing, though, and the characters look good when you take your picture next to them. It’s corporate shilling, but it’s fun.

My little brother is in Boston and won’t get to see this thing, so I went a little nuts on the merchandise - I got him a pair of bobbleheads, a box of Krusty-Os (I had to go back to get those, they were sold out during my first visit), four of the hand-painted cookies and a case of Buzz Cola.

The cookies, by the way, are pretty mediocre. The donut* was good.

*Geeking: It’s pink like the donut on the movie poster, fine, but Homer’s favorite is raspberry swirl with a double glaze. I’m sure 7-11 carries raspberry donuts, so they could’ve met us halfway. Regardless, I felt obliged to do the Homer drooling noise while eating it.

No, but if they don’t shout Get out of my store and come again! as you leave, I shall be very disappointed.

Where can I get Krusty-O’s if I don’t have a Kwik-E- Mart near me? I live next to a Springfeild that Matt Groenig lived in, how can i find out if they have converted a 7-11to a Kwik-E-Mart?

Hey, they had Squishee cups when you went! Maybe they were out when I showed up, but I looked for them and couldn’t find them.

I’ll just have to swing by there again I guess!

I got mine at a regular 7-11 (since the converted one is still about an hour away). At the time, I didn’t know about the donuts or I would’ve looked to see if those were available, too.

I’ve been to the converted one in Mountain View, pretty cool, and the donuts are mighty tasty.

The last time I was there, there were about 15 people sitting outside waiting for them to restock the Simpsons merchandise. You’d think they were waiting for an iPhone or something. :rolleyes:


The list is:
Burbank, CA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Lake Buena Vista, FL/Orlando, FL
Las Vegas, NV/Henderson, NV
Los Angeles, CA
New York City, NY
San Francisco, CA/Mountain View, CA
Seattle, WA
Vancouver, BC/Coquitlam, BC
Washington, DC/Bladensburg, MD


I desperately want to go to the Henderson one while I am still in Vegas but I am not sure if I will be able to pull that off.

Right across the street from my office. I especially liked frozen Jasper’s cardboard cutout in the ice cream cooler.

“Moon pie! What a time to be alive.”

And his only instructions for his cryogenic maintenance? “Please alter my pants as fashion dictates.” :smiley:

I’m a few blocks from one right now. It’s the same store I often stop into on the way to work. I hadn’t heard about the promotion ahead of time, so it was a bit surreal when I walked into it after the change.

My favorite part: Outside, where Marge is walking by with a bag of groceries, there’s a sign for the First Bank of Springfield. The motto: “Misplacing decimal points since 194.5”

I’m also a bit surprised that Homer’s a few inches taller than me.

I haven’t, but a friend of mine picked up some Buzz Cola and gave me a can. It’s unopened and displayed in my cubicle right now :slight_smile:

Just an FYI: You can get the Simpsons-related snacks and goodies at any 7-11, not just the converted Kwik-E-Marts.

We have one in Orlando on the far side of town, but my old roommate and I might go check it out this weekend.

A friend of mine was in town (someone with whom I used to watch The Simpsons every Sunday for years), and we decided to go to a movie. So we drove there separately from the restaurant. As we’re approaching the theater, I see that right across the street is… a Kwik-E-Mart! I’d seen that there was one in Mountain View, but hadn’t figured out where it was yet. But there it was, and we had plenty of time before the movie, so of course I had to go in.

So I park in front of it, then call my friend on the cell phone to let her know where I am, and our conversation goes something like this:
Her: Hey, I just saw you pull into the Kwik-E-Mart… can you get me a soda?
Me: Yes… the Kwik-E-Mart
Her: Uhh, yeah, the Kwik-E-Mart
They were all out of buzz cola and krusty-o’s, but I got a squishee in its official cup.

I drove up to the Mt. View store early on the 4th of July. 95% of the Simpson-related merchandise was sold out, and the employees looked bored of the stunt already. I was rather disappointed.

If you go to a Kwik-E-Mart, be sure to buy a twinkie.

I live three blocks from the Los Angeles one, and we visited there Saturday night. There was an ever-present line of about 50 people waiting to get in; a security guard would let 10 people in every few minutes. They had a portable spotlight machine going in the parking lot.

Gozu Tashoya got a Squishee and a donut, and I got just a Squishee. The transformed Slurpee machine was manned by a probably-Hispanic-but-vaguely-Indian-looking guy who sort of resembled Apu.

No Duff Beer or Buzz Cola, and I heard an employee tell someone they had sold out of the cereal, but there was no shortage of donuts and Simpsons merchandise.

This sign is pasted atop the generic ATM in the LA one.