Who has visited a Kwik-E-Mart?

They don’t make Duff Beer, just to calm everyone down who wasn’t finding any. They didn’t want to market a PG-13 movie with an alcohol product.

The Las Vegas Kwik-E-Mart should be transformed into a Nude-E-Mart.

Just don’t try to hurt it, silly customer.

I have a Duff in my fridge that says different.

I was 90 percent sure they wouldn’t sell beer. But I was positive the movie promoters would not pass up the opportunity to sell a canned beverage in a Duff can at a convenience store.

Meh, and I didn’t get it at the Kwik-E-Mart, Lou. But I did have to show it off.

So why hasn’t some enterprising soul started marketing Duff beer?

Copyright I guess

Exactly- a number of years ago, an Australian brewery started making Duff beer. Fox forced them to stop. The brewery’s claim was that they came up with the name theirselves without any knowledge of The Simpsons, but this turned out to be false after it was pointed out that the slogan they used was “Mmm…beer.”

Well, okay, fine. But couldn’t they market it with one of those porno magazines, a large box of condoms, a bottle of Old Harper, a couple of those panty shields, andsomeillegalfireworks, and one of those disposable enemas? Ah, make it two.

Well couldn’t they?


Well what about “Fudd” as imbibed by Shelbyville heathens? :smiley:

Copyright again?

I have (at my local non-Kwik-E 7-11s), but I buy those food items about once a week anyway. Haven’t bothered to enter the contest–partly because, until recently, I couldn’t read the damned entry codes!

I stumbled on the one in Coquitlam BC last weekend. We decided to stop and see if there was a copy of Radioactive Man.

There wasn’t :frowning:

The place was jam packed. All the kids wanted Squishys. The dads all had big pink donuts. Pretty funny really. 7-11 called that one. I’ve never seen people get so excited about a Slurpee.

Nothing near here, but at least our state gets to host the premiere! (I still can’t believe they won.)

They started appearing in England a few years ago, I don’t think they’re a chain, just a few enterprising store owners (usually Indian, as with most small city stores here) seeing an opportunity. We have one a few miles away (we’re in Portsmouth) and the guy who runs it sounds exactly like Apu.

Who needs The Kwik-E-Mart?

I doooooooooo. And I did visit the NYC one yesterday. Nice place.

There aren’t any within 90 minutes of me (no, I’m not driving to suburban D.C. to see a convenience store), but the one in my town advertises Buzz Cola… only they don’t have it. And I’m in that store every day - they never had it!

Just now I called up and asked about it. In true Kwik-E-Mart fashion, every single person that works there is Indian. I was told something unintelligible (though I think I picked out the words “come to store”) and then hung up on. :mad:

I’d already told the guy that I’m a regular customer and had never seen a single can of the stuff!

Dammit! I have Simpsons-fan friends down in Louisiana where I used to live (and where there are no 7-Elevens, aside from one in Baton Rouge, I think) whom I’d promised to send some cans of Buzz.

This sucks.

I went to the Mountain View one; it was very cute. Jam-packed at 10:30 PM, big register line, everyone still had a smile on his/her face. Whoever thought of doing this is a marketing genius.

They were all out of Krusty-Os and pink doughnuts, though :frowning: I’ll have to pick some up at my regular crappy 7-11.

I’m sure the nuclear plant helped.