Rush Limbaugh, you are dead to us

In the pit since I do make an exception of being glad when someone dies when the one dying caused others do die by misinformation and/or continued to mislead others even after the deadly January 6 insurrection.

Stated by Rush on February 24, 2020 in an episode of his radio show:

“The coronavirus is the common cold, folks.”

Stated by Rush on January 20, 2021 in a radio show segment:

Says Joe Biden and Democrats “have not legitimately won” the presidency.

Another reason why I’m glad is that I get 30 points the dead pools too…

Farewell, You’re Dead To Us Now.

FYI: Café version is here, Rush Limbaugh has died

I have no reservation about expressing my schadenfreude in his shuffle off this mortal coil, and look forward to news that fellow conservative conspiranoists Glenn Beck and Alex Jones have joined him. These people were/are enablers of bigotry and authoritarianism, and everyone, including their hypothetical loved ones, are better off without them.


Rush, the best thing about you was that you were made of recyclable materials. I salute the worms and bacteria in their future meal.

I pity them that they’re reduced to that level.

That coronavirus one is kind of strange to think about; less than a year later, Limbaugh is gone and COVID is unfortunately still with us.

Jonathon Brandmeier used to play this during his radio show. I’m glad we can all enjoy it one more time.

At least he’s in a warmer place than some of us currently in Texas.

It’s pretty horrible news about Rush. I still can’t believe that their drummer, Neil Peart, is dead.

This roast can’t miss the old joke told about him:

What’s the difference between the Hindenburg and Rush? One was a flaming Nazi gasbag disaster. The other was a dirigible.

I don’t say this lightly or about many people, but the world is slightly better without his venom-spewing mouth in it.

From Patton Oswalt:

“RIP Rush Limbaugh. Born in 1951 and remained there the rest of his life.”

Does luck run in threes?


Is this a good day to again state that I hate the reminders that it is somehow better to not celebrate someone’s death? The world is a demonstrably better place without Rush in it. I reject that celebrating that is somehow inappropriate or that rejecting such celebration makes one high minded.

My thoughts exactly. I’ll be having a glass of Scotch today to celebrate, and a whole bottle when ol’ Donnie finally croaks.

But alas, the damage they’ve wrought has already been done, and I don’t see America being able to recover from it, which tempers my ebullience.

I just wish he could have died before Scumbag #1 ‘awarded’ him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. :face_vomiting:

He still had a radio show? Once again proving that there’s a lot of dumb people out there.

One should never say anything but good about the dead.

Rush Limbaugh is dead. Good.

Who ?

Who knew that God was also with the cancel culture…