Rush Limbaugh, you are dead to us

Limbaugh compared the rioters to the men who fought at Lexington and Concord.

I don’t happen to agree with this.

You ever been around angry, drunk, white guys in their element ?

Most of us have probably seen it happen in micro. Why on Earth would anybody assume that the same thing wouldn’t happen in macro ?

Limbaugh was a demagogue par excellence. His sort of demagoguery profoundly fans the flames of hatred and division. It doesn’t enlighten. It doesn’t inform. It doesn’t persuade. It just pits neighbor against neighbor.

It’s like I always said about DJT: he served us endless pitchers of Red Bull where Obama served us chamomile tea.

The results are unfailingly predictable.

If he really was an OK guy in real life, if his personal persona is that different from his “public face” - I would argue that that makes him worse. He deliberately courted the sort of racist and disgusting support that mocking women, AIDS victims, disabled people, gay people and so many others- will engender. His supporters called themselves dittoheads. And he told them that it was ok- good even! - to be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and xenophobic. He called himself the Doctor of Democracy, but he was really the midwife of hatred.

It doesn’t make it better if it was all an act.

Thank you for the update on Limbaugh’s recent comments. I haven’t paid any attention to him in years. I hoped that he recognized that the right wing movement had gotten out of control. Apparently that didn’t happen

I wonder if Limbaugh saw the rise of Trump and regretted not running for President. Could he have won? In some ways he was a smarter, harder-working version of Trump. Possibly he was too wedded to conservative ideology ,unlike Trump, which would have hurt him in the general election. But certainly he would have had a shot at the GOP nomination.

Being a dedicated professional means he was a good guy?

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Works for me.

Well, that should really end all debate on what sort of a person he was, and what his legacy is. Death is just a month away, and he’s still at it.

“…from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

Imagine being the sort of person who spends one’s last few weeks on earth fighting to defend a deadly insurrection.

Like you say, that should end any debate over whether he was really invested in this shit, or whether he was more of a political Elmer Gantry, in it for the fame and money. You don’t spend your last precious days on earth spewing stuff like that unless you really believe it.

I think it’s more likely you’re just shitty too, so you couldn’t tell what kind of garbage he was.

I had a similar “relationship” with Rush.

I was raised pretty conservative, never had any reason to question or doubt that people with an R next to their name were the good guys, and the people with the D were the bad guys.

Until I went to go work at my first restaurant. The owner was a big fan of Rush, and so had it playing in the kitchen while we worked. I hadn’t really gotten too involved in politics at that point, so this was my first real immersion in political conversations.

I assumed that Rush was the good guy, and that all he said was true and right, so I listened very aptly to everything that he had to say. It wasn’t just that he was a conservative, like me, but my boss, someone that I looked up to greatly seemed to think of him highly enough to listen to him every day.

But some of the things that he said caused me confusion, they didn’t match up with reality as I knew it, sometimes they contradicted themselves, sometimes, it seemed as though he was wrong, and not just wrong, deliberately wrong.

And the people that he would interview, or that would call in, these were some terrible people. They would say say some reprehensible things, and rather than challenge or correct them, he would join in.

When I finally allowed myself to question what he was saying critically, I started to realize that pretty much everything he said was a lie or misrepresentation. I realized that he was one of the bad guys, which made no sense, as he had an R next to his name.

I started paying more attention to other people with R’s next to their names, and found that their logic and their tales were also in question. Eventually I even started questioning my parents, and that didn’t go over all that well…

Maybe there are some out there like us, who found Rush repulsive enough to take a second look at what he represented, but I think that far more fell for his cult of individual responsibility of blaming other for your failures. I can see how people can easily be swept up by that. “You are great, you are the master of your destiny, and you would be wealthy and powerful beyond your imaginings if it weren’t for them.”

Nice name for a garage death metal band!

This is one thing I never was able to grok about the popular reaction to Trump. Here he is, a billionaire (at least, in the eyes of his fans), and becomes the President of the United States. And every time you turned around, he was on Twitter, doing the equivalent of “help, help, I’m being repressed, come see the violence inherent in the system!”

The idea that this is even remotely consistent with any ideal of masculinity - that’s what I still can’t wrap my head around. Growing up 50-60 years ago, Real Men didn’t whine. Period. And while everyone has some small stuff that gets on their last nerve, Real Men don’t let every little thing get to them.

But that was the ethos of Limbaugh, and it was just the way Trump was.


(Glad he’s gone)

It’s two-prong, right? If you want to make America ungovernable and destroy faith in the system to a large # of people in a 2-party democracy:

  1. Proclaim your side is ‘pro-business’, ‘anti-government’, so you can pass legislation pillaging the country in the name of ‘freedom’ and that everyone now has the same access to billions via the magic pixie dust of ‘competition’ and ‘innovation’ and ‘conservative, Protestant Work Ethic values’, while

  2. Telling your supporters that their failure to succeed in this system is the fault of the people opposing it.

Add cultural issues to keep the base chomping between economic rapings and you have the Reagan-Rush-McConnell revolution in a nutshell.

I had to dig up one of my comments to a post from a conservative FB friend:

Ever notice that Trump’s supporters blame everybody and everything else for Trump’s innumerable failings. Nothing Trump has done wrong has ever been his fault in their eyes. Donald Trump – a wealthy, white, (ostensibly) Christian male who happens to be the leader of the free world – is A Victim of everybody and everything in his past and his present.

Yet when it comes to people of color, members of vulnerable populations, or the ‘disenfranchised’ in America … it’s ALWAYS about “personal choice.”

Weird, huh ?

He never ran for office, probably for the same reason the Sean Hannitys and Tucker Carlsons of the world never run - because they have cushy jobs that net them tens of millions of dollars a year for doing little more than ranting a couple of hours a day. And while Rush did have advertisers he needed to appease, and controversies of his own making that he occasionally was forced to answer for, he was essentially his own boss and could do pretty much as he pleased. Why would you give that up for a government salary?

Also, Rush, unlike Trump, was smart enough to realize that “President” does not equal “Emperor,” and that getting shit done in government really requires being able to play well with others. Again, why would he want to give up his perch for that?

Right now, Rush is probably trying to tell St. Peter that his getting cancer and dying was all the fault of liberals and feminazis and so forth.

And St. Peter’s gonna say, “who cares about that? People whose hearts are filled with hatred and malice can’t enter these gates. You’ve got a different destination.”

“But my heart is only filled with hatred and malice because of those people!”

For those who mentioned Rush mocking people who died of AIDS, I think it’s only fair to point out that he expressed regret for the short-lived segment.

I still think he was a piece of shit for ever thinking that was a good idea at any point. I’m not defending him or his Nazgul ghost that’s probably lurking somewhere. But even he realized how bad it was and admitted he crossed a line.