Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 2)

Looking long-term, Ukraine should implement similar compulsory military service policy as Israel. Every medically eligible man and woman should serve short-term in the military. Recieve training and range qualify on small arms weapons. Then maintain their military qualification in the reserves for perhaps 12 years? Mobilization of the reserves should be planned and tested every two years.

That’s the only way a small country can defend itself against a imperialist neighbor with military expansionist ambitions.

I’m making simple declarative statements please open a thread if there’s any need to discuss.

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Nepal has extreme poverty to the point that young men joining a foreign army for the (assumed/promised) pay looks like a better prospect than remaining where they are. Such impoverished people typically do not have money to travel and therefore must borrow in order to go to a new location to (hopefully) earn sufficient funds to send back home and/or get better opportunities.

Be glad you’ve never had to deal with that sort of situation.

When my uncles signed up for WWII in December 1941 they didn’t come home until 1946. That’s a long time. I’m not saying that’s the way it should be done, but multi-year fighting in not unprecedented. Of course, prior experience is why we know it’s not really a good idea.

That’s entirely valid. I’ve often wondered about the mental toll on The Band of Brothers, Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division.

Sometimes extreme sacrifice and heroism is required of men defending homes and families. The vulnerable and young require it of everyone that can fight.

I sometimes think about the Ukrainians serving in those miserable Trenches in winter. Trench foot has to be horrific and almost totally unavoidable in front-line conditions.

I’ve been looking for news about life in the Ukrainian Trenchs. Any thing they do to entertain themselves during the lulls in battle.

Seen any news?

Nope. I do know that one of my uncles, for entertainment while fighting across Europe, read a dictionary from cover to cover. I suppose you find what entertainment you can. That’s why things like dice and card games have always been popular with soldiers - small and portable. I expect the same applies today, although when available there are cellphones and the internet.

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Just some clarification - are we talking about service or front line service? I understood soldiers were rotated in WWII so they were not front line the entire time.

OK, this is not the WWII breaking news thread. I allowed a little, but stop it now.

Sorry, I wasn’t opening the door to WWII. It was only a example of extreme military sacrifice that most people saw dramatized on tv. No discussion is needed. I think and visualize subjects in examples like that.

My Gawd, what the Ukrainian soldiers are facing is 50 times worse. Can you imagine a tiny drone flying over and dropping a grenade in your lap? Probably wouldn’t make any more kids.

From now on, I’ll just provide dry news links and forget about any war discussion. At some point it will no longer be worth the effort.

That’s reassuring.

Link Despite the wrecking tactics of Viktor Orbán, the EU will find a way to get aid to Ukraine | Paul Taylor | The Guardian

This is certainly a creative solution. and more than a bit concerning.

Good luck with that. :+1:

I doubt there’s any chance it will work. The very patriotic already returned to defend the homeland at the start of the war.

Now it’s about territory. I’d return to fight if the heathen horde were 50km from granny’s house.
I’m not going back and risk death to push the front forwards another 600km. The land is already Russian occupied and granny is probably living in a shelter in Kiev. My priority would be getting granny out of Ukraine.

Been reading news reports about hantavirus spreading in the Russian trenches, wonder if Ukraine could do anything to…further encourage it.

Re: the BBC article: yeah, good luck with that, this will probably only further incentivize those Ukrainian men to stay out of the war and also tell other refugees that when you leave Ukraine you better pull up all roots.

Which would be a form of prohibited biological warfare if they did.

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I’d guess/hope that at least one big mental difference is that the Ukrainian troops are likely, at any given moment, no more than a few hundred miles from home, whereas the Americans in WWII were an entire Atlantic Ocean away. So even if it’s a long deployment, the feeling of being near home may make it more bearable.

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Not even touching the bit about Ukraine doing anything to further this. I would just note, given what’s become apparent about Russia’s crappy logistics and general poor treatment of their cannon fodder, adding in what horrible conditions trench life usually generates, the question this raises for me is, how much will disease cripple the Russian efforts? It’s of course a risk for the Ukrainians, too, but hopefully they’re receiving better support and medical care.

So, has there been any credible reporting on health conditions along the front for the troops, and how that’s affecting combat readiness?

I wasn’t familiar with hantavirus, so I went and got summary information from Wikipedia. While reading one cite, I learned that there’s a current theory that the then-unknown hantavirus was behind a WWI trench illness called “trench nephritis”.

Hantavirus is spread by rodents and exposure to rodent droppings (including aerosolization of same :nauseated_face: ).