Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 2)

This is a distinction without a difference

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If you’re going to insist on translations of one of the most famous devices of oratory in all of history, you could at least provide the context that Cato the Elder is said to have ended every one of his speeches in the Roman Senate between the 2nd and 3rd Punic Wars, even those on completely unrelated topics, by saying “Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed.”

In modern usage, this allusion to Cato doesn’t simply call for the destruction of something, but consists of a bleak assessment that only the utter destruction of the subject will suffice, as Carthage indeed subsequently was in the 3rd Punic War. While I do not actually believe that Russia must be utterly destroyed, the intentional targeting of a children’s hospital along with the subsequent cheering for it by elements of Russian Telegram arouses feelings in me of despair. Despair not only for the Ukrainians subjected to these inhuman attacks, but despair that Russian society as a whole is largely supportive of them. How, even should Ukraine be victorious in the field, can peace ever be attained in the wake of these sorts of acts? How can Russian society awaken from the bloodthirsty imperialism inculcated by the Putin regime as cover for the robbing blind of the masses by the oligarchs?

Simply translating ‘delenda est’ does not suffice to convey the sentiment invoked by echoing Cato. Better to have linked the wikipedia article than to simply translate the Latin.

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Perhaps. Perhaps not.

A well-executed attack that doesn’t get disrupted can do a heck of a lot more damage to an ammo dump than can bits of wreckage falling that happen to trigger a secondary or two.

If the reality is the whole damned dump went up then I agree 100%: that’s a distinction without a difference.

But if the Russian anti-drone efforts prevented 95% of what would have happened absent defenses, any neutral scorekeeper would still label that a 95% Russian success with only 5% points going to the Ukrainians. Despite the Russians losing some ordnance in the ensuing fires/explosions.

What really happened there that day? hellifino.

Does the whole Russian media response reek of their standard smug “We totally succeeded; we meant for that to happen” BS? It sure does.

Is it really possible for an ammo dump to “blow up 5%”? I’d have thought that once you have any explosions at all, primary or secondary, that you quickly move on to tertiary, quarternary, and n-ary explosions that finish off the whole place.

I suspect it’s largely based on how separated/protected the piles/stores of ammo are from each other. But given Russian competence in basic logistics demonstrated so far in this conflict, I would guess it’s “one goes, all go”.

Agree w Zakalwe.

In a properly managed munitions storage facility a whole bunker can be set off and … nothing happens in the adjacent bunkers.

In a Russian civilian warehouse that’s a clandestine facility for whatever and is storing everything from air to ground missiles to small arms ammo, I bet “It done blowed up real good” is a decent damage estimate.

The NATO conference, meeting this week, is making crucial decisions for supporting Ukraine for the duration.

There was an srticle yesterday the US and NATO have pledged four more Patriot systems.

Sweden is participating in this week’s Nato summit as a full member of the alliance for the first time.

Is NATO command’s involvement in training new? I’m interested to hear more later this week.

The Guardian feed

:clap: Wonderful news. There are a lot of announcements coming from the NATO Summit.

I will be in Kiev next weekend and can provide some on-the-ground info… if there is any to be reported.

Right now, I’m in Olevsk Oblast and there are a few impacts of the war, especially in the reliability of electrical service. It tends to go out for 2-4 hours at a time, commonly after 10am.

The TV is full of recruitment ads, that is for sure.

Not seeing a lot of, for want of a better word, war remembrances - no ribbons, no shirts supporting the war effort, no flag waving, nothing like that. But then, Ukraine is a poor country, or at least this part of Ukraine is, so perhaps this is more of an economic issue than representative of a lack of on-the-ground support. And, of course, I’m judging things by Western standards and perhaps that’s the problem… my lack of cultural understanding and knowledge.

However, it appears my Spectrum internet works better here than it has been working in Texas. :laughing:

Anyway, if I see anything of note, I’ll report it here. Feel free to ask questions, I’ll be glad to answer what I can.

Some pics:


It might also be a matter of a fish’s word for “wet”. There’s no point in putting up a yellow ribbon to say that you have a family member fighting, when everyone has a family member fighting.

Stay safe! I’d be curious to know why you are there, but of course your business is your own.

Lol, not to bring this off-topic, but my wife’s family is here and we are visiting them. And I’m not letting her go into a warzone by herself, that’s for damn sure.

But with that, back on subject please. No more about the reporter, just reports.

ISW is reporting about Russian attempts to assassinate Rheinmetal and other manufacturers leaders.

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At what point will Europe admit it is at war with Russia?

Sure seems like Russia believes it is.

Russia is at war with the Free World. Although what exactly is “war” and what is violent peace is not easy to discern in the world of clandestine ops.

US spooks killed somebody somewhere in the last week. That’s petty much a statistical certainty.

hid hijack, WE?

Does that mean we are at war with that person’s country’s government? Serious question.

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