Rutgers team response to Don Imus

OK, that’s pretty classy. Yet I yearn for the day when the subjects of such inane racial remarks respond simply with something like:

“Well of course we’re all struggling with this, struggling very hard to figure out who this little man is, and why anybody should care what he says or thinks. We seem to be in agreement that he is beneath noticing, but as a general comment, our critics are always invited to meet us on the court to demonstrate what they’re made of. We extend this same invitation to Don Imus provided that he is able to pass a physical examination showing that he would not be grievously injured while in the process of being humiliated.”

Okay, the bluntness would have been nice, but I think it goes without saying that one of the best college teams in the country (or any player on it) could beat a senior citizen in basketball. That might have been an appropriate answer if the dopes were criticizing them as basketball players - but they weren’t. They were insulting them as people. The players’ response is fine with me, although “we don’t care what these people say” would have been just as good.

I wish they had come out and simply said, “Don who?”

It would have been a theatrical taunt, not a realistic suggestion. It would signify “we’re not concerned about the words of someone who isn’t even close to being in our league.”

Damn, apparently someone decided to go Passive-Aggressive rather than Active-Aggressive.

Active would have made better spectator sport. :slight_smile:


Next week:

Rutgers hoops team to meet with Hip-Hop artists over the use of bitches & hos in their music.

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Admittedly, there’s a difference between “bitches and hos” versus “you’re a ho.”

I see one player also said “all of our accomplishments were lost” due to the comments. That’s assigning it too much importance.

I understand what they meant, even if that point wasn’t well-stated. The spotlight was taken away from their accomplishment and it became “All About Imus” instead. There’s no denying the sports story paled in comparison to the controversy.

There will never be peace in the valley as long as there’s so much racial anger and mistrust as there is in the world. So sad.:frowning:

May God help us all.

I was driving a bit today, and was shocked that NPR, of all places, was giving Imus tons of airtime.

Why should I care about this? How is this more important than Anna Nicole’s baby daddy and of roughly equal importance to the war in Iraq?

Well, Rutgers did lose the game, rather decisively.

When was the spotlight ever on their “accomplishment?” Prior to this comment virtually no one knew that Rutgers ever even got their ass handed to them by Tennessee.

I don’t follow sports, womens or otherwise, but my understanding is that they came back from a shitty position to play the final game. That is an accomplishment, even though they lost. Is that incorrect?


Speaking as a professional broadcaster, Imus got off pretty lightly with a two-week suspension. That a broadcaster of his stature would say what he said into an open microphone is almost beyond my comprehension. Good God, I think even Howard Stern was offended by that!

The problem is that Imus was using ebonic terminology.
Who dose he think he is?

I agree. Unfortunately the mindset behind this has created a windmill that needs slaying. It is now possible to crush the souls of our youth with the utterance of a single word. Had Imus said the word we-dare-not-speak he may have killed the entire basketball team.

Still, it’s fun to watch him twist in the wind.

Not really.

I wish MSNBC or whomever would do us all a favor and take him out to pasture. If anyone is being punished over this shit, it’s us. This is just protracted agony. More important things need to be discussed.