Rysdad, what the fuck is your problem?

Let’s see, in this thread, you suddenly pop in with:

First of all, stating publicly who is on one’s Ignore or Buddy list is a bannable offense, which both I and a moderater reminded you of. So you come back with:

So not only do you apparently announce again that you are going to put me on Ignore (and the fact that you capitalized it in your initial post is a strong indicator that you are being disingenuous – you can see my posts by clicking “View Post”), you decide that today was a good day to sling personal insults at me twice in Great Debates, another no-no.

So, what the fuck is your problem with me all of a sudden? Did I kick your dog or something? Accidentally fart in your office chair before you sat down? Are you still holding a grudge about that “You Are Not A Moderator” thing from eight freakin’ months ago?

You got a problem with me? Let’s have it. Bring it on. But don’t pull that bullshit in that forum. You’re a big boy, and you have enough posts to know the fucking rules. If you can’t play by them, I’ll thank you to shut your mouth.

I’m also curious as to whether anyone agrees that my posts are “self-indulgent” (Aren’t everyone’s posts self-indulgent? We aren’t curing cancer here, you know.) or “rehashed versions of something I’ve written before.” If that’s the case, then I can just stop typing new stuff and cut-and-paste my old posts. But I have a feeling Rysdad is talking out of his ass, here.

“Holier-than-thou?” You wish. When I know I’m right about something, I state so in the strongest terms possible. When I’m wrong, I acknowledge it, and I’m wrong at least as often as I’m right in that forum. If that makes me “holier-than-thou,” then I’ve got a lot of company.

So if you’ve got some problem with me, speak now. Because I can assure you that this kind of crap will not happen again in GD.

We have an IGNORE function?

Rysdad has, shall we say, issues when it comes to child support.

Yea, I can tell…

I’d have replied to that tripe, but it would have been too inflammatory.

He’s over here squealing about those evil child support collectors


Don’t worry Jurhael. I got inflammatory. Why don’t these people realize that the more they bitch about the child support the shittier they look as a parent?

(PS-announcing who you have in your shit strainer is ban-worthy? Guess it saves us from reading a thousand posts of"OK asshole, I’m IGNOREing you", but gee, a bit overkill. Can’t the mods just put someone in the penalty box for two weeks?)

PLD, whether you choose to believe it or not, and I don’t care either way, I wasn’t aware of the Ignore function. Even in your most grandiose delusions, I wouldn’t search for your posts.

Secondly, you may accuse me of being disingenuous, but your story about your mother being required to repay misapplied child support seems a bit handy, as well.

Who’s claiming Mod powers now? You scare nobody.

As far as your posting style…I’m not the first person (not even in that thread, I think–your link doesn’t work), to note your abrasive mode of posting. Funny, though, when you get spoken to in the same manner that you address others, it irritates you.

I’m normally a civil, friendly person in fora outside of the Pit. You, on the other hand, aren’t. Why not, instead of stating things “in the strongest terms possible,” you try to be a bit more informative and less annoying? You may be defeating yourself by writing the way you do because, even if you do have a point, the context in which it’s expressed makes it easier to dismiss since it comes from the keyboard of a prick.

So, you can either brush up on your manners, or you can continue with the condescension and have the “Sanctimonius Asshole” label permanently affixed to your forehead.

I admit to having issues about child support, and Im sorry when I allow those issues to spill over. I’ll reign in my venom and try to take my own advice that I just gave to PLD.

I can assure you, Rysdad, my story concerning my mother is anything but “handy.” Her actions regarding fraudulent collection and use of child support and alimony caused-- and still causes – a great deal of pain to my family, and nearly permanently destroyed the relationship between my father and me. If you’d like details, I’d be happy to share them off-board, but don’t even think of accusing me of making it up in order to contradict you. I don’t know where the hell you think you get off just because you have problems with the CS enforcement in your state, but you don’t know everything.

Well, you sure got your ass warned by Gaudere in that thread, didn’t you? So I guess I’m right.

I think I’ll wait and see if “Sanctimonius Asshole” is the consensus, or just the opinion of one schmuck with a bone to pick with the Child Support office.

You think you have useful constructive criticism to give me? Great. Send me an e-mail. You want to sling personal insults at me in Great Debates? Fuck you.

*Originally posted by Rysdad *
You may be defeating yourself by writing the way you do because, even if you do have a point, the context in which it’s expressed makes it easier to dismiss since it comes from the keyboard of a prick. **


Projection! White courtesy phone!

That would be cool. In like charitable vein, I’d like to say your points about the unenforcibility of access orders and how that truly blows chunks is quite right. We can derail that chain of thought elsewhere though. But as far as your comments to pld about the validity of his mom’s situation: that may well be true where she is. It may not be so in MN. I’m gathering that each US state has their own child support laws; each CDN province does (plus a few territories ,plus a separate federal divorce law), then you toss in whatever they do in the UK, Europe, Aus, NZ, the international space station and no fecking way am I going to keep up with it all. In an interstate/international forum such as this we should probably stick with discussing the philosophy of law,rather than specifics.

No, fuck you.

You know full well that I was responding to your threat in this thread, not the admonition I received (gratefully) from Guadere.

As far as constructive criticism…it’d be wasted on you, since others have previously offered the same advice to no avail.

I don’t wish to share anything with you off-board, nor even on this planet, for that matter.

Does it bug you to be labeled disingenuous? Do you think it might bother anyone else? Of course, that’s why you do it.

Maybe your pain/anger is a result of whatever support traumas you went though as a child. Who knows? I regret that any kid would be made to suffer as a result of a parent’s greed.

I would also submit that the label on your forehead is only temporarily affixed with velcro, but you seem to be doing your best to have it welded there.

Lighten up and remove it, or keep it up and nail it on. Your choice.

OOH, a flame thread!! I’m still relatively new to this board, but I’m growing to love these. Lemme see if I can predict how this one will go…

Somebody will deliberately provoke someone else into getting defensive, which is most of our natural response to aggression. The person who gets defensive will overreact and state an indefensible position. The other people will then hold him/her to that indefensible position as if it were the original position, leading to more defensiveness spiraling towards the ridiculous. Eventually, the person who had gone on the defensive will:
A.) Lash out violently in a manner sufficient to get banned, or
B.) Be universally shunned by the rest of the board based on the ultimately ridiculous and indefensible position he/she ends up taking, or
C.) Try to take the high road, retract everything and disappear for awhile, or
D.) Claim he/she has gotten support for his/her position via email by people afraid to challenge the ruling elite cabal of the SDMB, thereby getting pissy and resolving never to post to the board again

Well, those are the outcomes that I’ve enjoyed reading in my short stay here. These people seem to have post counts too high for this from my limited experience, but I can dream can’t I? So I’m gonna settle in, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. Gotta love a flame war!!



Not quite making a consensus, but you do come off like a sactimonious asshole in many of your posts.


or E) board comes down with another attack of SDMB arterialsclerosis and posts representing A-D disappear.

It’s a pity that doesn’t happen. The she has done it at least twice and is still here. Hes have done it and persevered.

It is about the dumbest tactic I’ve seen, though. I just see it as another Corollary of Godwin; it’s the fastest way to admit you’ve lost.

As one sanctimonius asshole to another, give 'em hell, phil.


Doesn’t matter what form the posts follow, this is the Pit and it is the forum where you are allowed to call other Dopers to the mat, so to speak. Which is why you see dopers with high post counts here, since after being on the board for several years you do tend to recognize board protocol. If you don’t like it or feel that you must analyze it, take your popcorn, shove it, and move on to another board. Yes, it’s Monday.

There’s one more thing to be addressed here, Phil, and that’s the fact that your “mother” analogy doesn’t contradict what I mentioned in the other thread. What your mother did was commit fraud. What I hypothesized was a totally legitimate scenario.

See the difference? Now how about one of those apologies you’re so famous for making half the time?

In any event, I don’t regret upbraiding you. You deserve it. Your high-toned blustering may intimidate some other posters, but I don’t particularly care what you might think of me, nor how you go about showing it.

So, PLD, what do we have so far?

  1. You’re an asshole. It may not be a consensus yet, but the votes are heading that way. At least when I’m an asshole, it’s only in select threads. Your assholery is pan-thread.

  2. By your own admission, you’re wrong half the time. Chalk up another one in the loss column.

  3. Either though lack of comprehension, or in an attempt to deliberately mislead, you inject a story about that’s unrelated to the issue I put forth in an attempt to contradict me.

  4. You dredge up a thread eight months ago in which I predicted that a certain person would get banned (who eventually was, by the way), and made the erroneous accusation that I was claiming Mod powers. Yet you storm in and threaten me with all sorts of fire and brimstone when I throw your own accusation back in your teeth.

Phil, quit your whining. Your semi-annual “knock it off and straighten the fuck up” notice just happened to come early this year. You ought to be used to it by now.

Addendum to Annie: My earlier, “No, fuck you,” was directly at PLD and not you. My apologies if it seemed that way.

Finally, there is an apology to be offered here, and it’s to RexDart. You were being civil in the other thread, and I went overboard in my response to your post. Sorry. Heat of the moment and all that, but I could’ve been nicer about it.

RexDart, you’re a quick study! :smiley:

As to the tempest at hand, reading the linked thread shows Rysdad personally attacking pldennison in GD, making claims later shown to be false, and getting warned by a mod not once, but twice, for the same thing. Hmmph…this is a tough one.

ultress, you are responding to RexDart’s post, yes/no? I think (s)he was just making an observation, not casting a board-wide insult. Many Pit threads do fall along those lines, and they tend to be the most entertaining.

I thought RexDart was merely using this dustup as an opportunity to show how wise and above-it-all he was. I personally think that’s a lousy use of a thread where two posters who’ve both, IMHO, added a lot to this board, wind up tooth-and-nail with each other. But maybe that’s me.

You mean by collecting child support and using it for her own personal purposes rather than for supporting her children, which is what I fucking said? Wow–incredible! I said exactly what I meant, and was correct about it.

You’ll get an apology when you’re correct about something and I am not. Maybe not even then, because you chose to be a jerk by insinuating that maybe I was making it up in the first place.

::::Yawn::::: Apparently you do, or you wouldn’t be posting on the thread. Didn’t you put me on “Ignore,” anyway? There are few things sadder in Message Board Land then someone who takes several dozen words in multiple posts to say, “I don’t care what you think of me.” Don’t care? Don’t respond.

In any case, I’ll simply use your own defense from another thread against you: You don’t know me personally, and other Dopers do. Your opinion counts for squat, in that case.

Votes? What, you and Brutus? Yeah, I hope to one day reach the level-headed, highly-reasoned populism that Brutus has achieved. He’s a real hero. Hell, his responses to pretty much anything are so predictable that I could write his posts for him. So, the “asshole” votes come from him and from you. Not exactly unimpeachable sources. Oh, wait – I bet you have an army of e-mail defenders who want to remain anonymous, right?

That’s pan-fried. Mmmmm, breaded! Anyway, I can find any number of people who will disagree with you, so where does that leave us?

:rolleyes: Yes, it’s terrible when someone at the Straight Dope learns something, isn’t it? So bad that we consider it a loss.

I did no such thing, you fucking liar. I posted that using child support money for one’s personal enrichment is against the law, and you posted in order to contradict me, while offering not a shred of supporting evidence. When I countered that, no, in fact, I have personal experience in the matter, and that a parent can in fact be held responsible by the courts for using child support moneys for personal enrichment, you insinuated that I was making it up!

You get caught with your dick in your hand, then tell me I did something wrong? Boy, you must have rhino-sized balls packed in there.

So what are you, Kreskin? Anyone with a brain stem can predict when certain people will get banned.

Actually, a lot of people agreed with me in that thread, at least in spirit if not in your particular case. Quite a lot, as I recall. Let’s check the record:

Myrr21: “FWIW, later in the thread Rysdad adds in
[quoted material]
which does seem to be overstepping a bit . . .”

Hamadryad: “I dunno, I’d like to please throw right the hell in with pldennison on this, for the same reason: months of observation.”

Hombre: “Ditto. Though the provided threads don’t convey as much. I reeeaaallly hate those out-of-line count downs”

Little Miss Attitude: “Now I’m not saying that if someone is being a total ass that you/we/me/anyone shouldn’t tell them so. By all means, tell them. But don’t tell them that their “time is running out”. Because really only the Mods know when someone’s time on SDMB is about to expire.”

Fletch: "Place me in the same booth as PLD and Hama, but I won’t name names. I too have observed over the months some members assuming a “pseudo-moderator” attitude. "

warmgun: “Saying, “since you’re not going to around much longer…”, is NOT “a simple act of reminding”.”

So I wasn’t exactly standing there just pissing in the wind, was I? Nope, doesn’t look like it. And, in fact, I apologized later in the thread for picking examples that really weren’t representative of what I was talking about.

All sorts of fire and brimstone? Cite, please. Exactly what did I “threaten you” with? Be extremely specific. Because all I see is, “I can assure you that this kind of crap will not happen again in GD.” If that spells “fire and brimstone” to you, you need to convert from the logarithmic to the linear Sensitivity Meter, or stop being a pussy, or both.

You wish.