Sad news for ladies of the SDMB

I was shocked to read a sad news item in the newspaper today. Beloved romance novel cover icon Fabio has turned 50! I’m sure you all remember fondly his chiselled pectorals and flowing long blond locks. Young fans may have seen him in his blink-and-you’ll-miss-me cameos in Zoolander and Dude, where’s my car? Words do not suffice to express the stupendous package of perfection embodied by Fabio. Some samples:

Fabio in a loincloth

Fabio: The Man of My Dreams

Book covers galore!!!

Some people may mock him as effete Eurotrash. To those people, I say, this is someone who killed a goose with his nose: no lightweight he! Step aside, Chuck Norris! In addition to his album Fabio After Dark (doubtless available on eBay), I should also mention his body of work in this well-known series of television appearances (dieters, take note).

I salute his sheer awesomeness.

All I can say is that I thought he was older.

Thank you for brightening my day by reminding me that that happened.

50 isn’t that bad! I’d take him over any of the horde of young, ugly male celebrities that are being passed off these days as ‘hotties’. (yeah, yeah, you kids get off of my lawn…)

I never saw the appeal. I think his face is kind of odd looking.

It’s not the face, it’s the too-long suicide-blonde hair. Actually, it somehow reminds me more of long fur than hair; I cna’t think why exactly.

Anyway, he’d have been the next Swarzenegger (sp?) if he’d gotten a decent haircut. IIRC the dye job in the commercials was particularly bad.

The good news is I’m still available! No fighting ladies, the line starts right over here.

Yeah, it’s kind of horsey-looking and long, isn’t it? Not like my finely chiseled, but classic, features.

So, how you doin’ Musicat?


I’d think the fact that he’s older isn’t sad news, as his fanbase is older too. It’s not like at age 50 he’ll automatically turn to dust, right?

The best of Fabio’s many cameo appearances, BTW, was in the video for Jill Sobule’s “I Kissed a Girl.”

I never particularly liked him to begin with, so it is no great loss to me. The military has always had lots of hunky clean cut men in uniform…

/fans self

Ill be over here …


Oh, good. He’s almost old enough to be interesting.

Given the subject, this bit cracked me up.

I’ve also heard he was a fairly decent gentleman, too, and a nice guy.

Good on you, Fabio. Maybe you weren’t my favorite or anything but you are practically an incon of my generation.

So turning 50 is the same as death?

Nonono, “good on you” for still being in the public eye and making your career not just based on your looks. I knew my comment would be misconstrued.

And I meant “icon”. Not “incon”.

People have always loved to make fun of that guy, and I never understood why. He seems like an okay person. He can’t help it if he’s outrageously handsome.

Actually, I was referring to the OP.

Pretty hair, nice body, but just never could get past the weirdness that was his face. The features just don’t… ?fit? together right or something.

Oh yeah, me too. I’m not that far from 50 myself and I’ve always thought of him (when I’ve thought of him) as being more than 3 years older than me.