Sad Story: 6 Guys Rape 17 Year Old In Paris

My SO has a cousin in Berlin - a free-spirited woman who has travelled the world on her own since she was a kid. She now has two daughters of her own - one is 17 years old and spent three years in Canada on a school exchange program and has also travelled the world since she was a child.

Two days ago, she took a train from Berlin to Paris to go visit one of her teachers who is living there now. On the way from the train station to her teacher’s house, she was attacked and raped by 6 guys. The family in Berlin got a phone call from the French police last night and the family is on their way to Paris to be with her. She is in the hospital, and language problems make it difficult to know the extent of her injuries.

This could have happened anywhere, to anyone.
Not laying blame.
Just - no matter how street saavy and world travelled you, or someone you know, might be, please be careful.

Not laying blame either. Here’s a link that told of one woman’s story and reported on the rampant increase of rape in France:
Time 12/2002