Salary comparison sites?

I’m looking at a couple job offers right now, and I was hoping to find a way to gauge whether the numbers they are throwing out are reasonable or “market value”. I’ve checked the obvious, but I wondered if there were any other websites out there.

Also, if anyone has specific knowledge, the jobs are in software engineering in Silicon Valley with a MA and about 2 years of experience.

Take a look at the salary link at HotJobs. is decent. You just put in your zip code, job title or related search word, and search. Then, up at the top, click salary if it isn’t on that tab/page already. It’s not a bad job search tool either.

Brendon Small

This one compares your current salary to what you would need to make in another state should you ever choose to move.

Not exactly what you asked for but it’s a fun time waster when you’re bored. Sadly my dreams of moving to Hawaii are pretty much crushed as I don’t see any company in their right mind giving me a 224% pay raise. :frowning:

Interesting. It appears that I make about 30% more than others of my same job title in this area. Nice to know.

I’m about 4% higher than the average here in metro Atlanta, counting the 2% raise I got today. For many, many years, I was well below average – this is the first time in my 20+ year career that I’ve been on the right side of the salary curve.

Man, that seems really inaccurate for my metro area and my job. The median salary they list is really high. And no, I’m not just underpaid. :wink: