Salivary glands acheing after exercise

Sometimes right after a run it’s downright painfull. Right now they’re merely aching. I jogged earlier today. (I should mention that this doesn’t happen often… jogging, I mean).

I don’t think salivary glands have any of the kind of nerves that report pain. So it is likely something else nearby that is hurting.

Well, it could be anything from allergies to an autoimmune problem, to a low grade infection. After exercising getting the blood pumping hard, the area can become swollen and painful.

Get it checked out by a Doc. You might have ‘swollen glands’ that need to be diagnosed. Again, could be a basic infection, allergy or something more ominous.

Really? I would think that stretching of the capsule would cause pain. Isn’t mumps a painful condition? I have seen sialoliths in dogs, and palpation of the distended gland appeared to be painful.

Previously the doc said I have slightly inflammed sinuses (I was complaining about poor smell). He put me on flonase but that was a disaster (flonase doesn’t give many people side effects, but it left me with fatigue and headaches).

Perhaps the two are related?

Starting to lean towards allergies or low-grade infection.