Salmonella of the Valkyries?

Whenever I hear the word ‘salmonella’ I mentally put it to the tune of Ride Of The Valkyries. ISTR there was a PSA on TV back in the '70s in SoCal that did this. Was there such a PSA? Or is it all in my head?

Yeah, I remember that one… two germs singing about what they are about to do to their host, set to a “possibly recognizable tune”.

And now you’ve got me thinking of Elmer Fudd, singing “Sawmonewwa, sawmonewwa . . .”

…Oh, I hate you so much right now, Johnny L.A.

goes off to bed still humming

Looks like I asked about this again four years ago. BrotherCadfael remembered it (both times).

Does anyone else remember it, and (hoping against hope) have a video link?

One of the song’s lyrics was “let’s really teach this guy a lesson!”

I found a series of PSAs from the 70s featuring a pair of characters called “Arnie and Sal,” who run around infecting food until a disembodied voice from the USDA tells them to fuck off.

None of them have Flight of the Valkyries, though.

This popped into my head just now.

Are BrotherCadfael and I the only ones who remember this? (Unless Bryan Ekers’s post means he remembers it as well.) Or all we both/all deluded?

He’s despicable.

You can sing paradimethylaminobenzaldehide to the tune of The Irish Washerwoman.

But can you make a dirty limerick with it?

Huh. I found a video showing exactly this. From the first comment on that video:

"This is based on Isaac Asimov’s 1963 essay, YOU TOO CAN SPEAK GAELIC. It’s all about his revelation that some chemical names have perfect dactylic tetrameter and can be sung perfectly to the tune of the IRISH WASHER WOMAN.

Asimov is dead and we’ll never see his likes again, I’m afraid."

I think I got it from one of his autobiographies. I don’t know if he ever wrote a third one, but I read the first two.