saltwater crocodile vs shark

has a fight between a crocodile and shark ever taken place? Who would win? Also who believes Mokole Mbembe was seen in the Congo

yes, just google “crocodile vs shark”.

All three results do occur

  1. no death
  2. shark eats crocodile
  3. crocodile eats shark

Great White > ALL

Winner then meets Saber Tooth Tiger for the crown.

“Also who believes Mokole Mbembe was seen in the Congo?”

As far as I can tell, nobody with any reasonable credentials.

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If you are asking fellow posters if they believe in Mokele Mbembe, the best place for that is IMHO. If you are asking if anyone besides the more credulous cryptozoologists believe in it, then then answer is “no one.”

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I saw this on a lame-ass Discovery-channel-creep type show years ago. Shark won, but it was B.S. because they put the saltie out in the open sea on the surface, so the first strike advantage went to the shark. I think this unlikely encounter would most likely take place at a river mouth where the advantage of the shark rocketing up from the depths is mitigated.

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Sharks, crocs, gators, saber tooths… all make great pets.

If a spear-wielding gorilla was riding on the crocodile, the shark would lose. Also, that would be awesome.

Not if the shark was ridden by a bunny with a bazooka.

I’m pretty sure that the Hulk could beat the Thing, but that Superman would kick the Hulk’s butt.

And the winner goes up against Jesus on a Dinosaur.