Sam Smith on SNL - anyone willing to discuss?

I’m not a big fan of Sam Smith, but those songs seem pretty good to me.

I’m generally disinterested in the musical guest portions, even when they are artists I know and like. Specific to SNL (not specific to this act) I often experience them as unintentionally silly.

Is it very wrong of me however to see Sam Smith and wonder how of the presentation is sincere and how much is cynical marketing ploy?

Thanks for the responses all. I’ll just file SS under “not my cup of tea.”

I’m sure there were plenty of days back in the early 80s that if their music was playing late at night at a club and if I were drunk enough (which I usually was) I’d dance to it.

(Booji Boy! :D)

If marketing, SS is very successful in that department.

My perception is that many of the acts recently on SNL are more image and self promotion than musical accomplishment. I remembered when I first herd SS, I did not care for their voice - tho many claimed it was incredible. So at least he has a set of pipes.

That was Andy Kaufman:

I went out and bought their album the following Monday.

That pretty much describes Bowie’s entire career, too.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

We’ll have to see what the general assessment of many of these current artists’ work is 40-50 years from now.

SNL was the first time I had actually heard the whole song. It might just be me, but the song felt incomplete. Which is odd, because it’s about 3 minutes long, and there are plenty of songs I quite enjoy that go on for not much longer than that. But I can see why people like it, Smith does interesting things in the song. Sorry, I’m not a music critic.

That performance by Devo is not from SNL but from the other latenight show from the early 80’s called Fridays.

Rich Hall, Melanie Chartoff, Michael Richards, Larry David and Maryedith Burrell are the cast members I recall. Jack Burns was the announcer/producer or something and appeared on camera a lot.

Oh, I remember Fridays, but various online sources indicate that it was on SNL:



Far Out Magazine:

IMDB indicates that Devo did, indeed, appear on Fridays, but that was in 1980, two years later.

I swear I checked that clip and thought it was labeled as being from Fridays. It appears it was a different song but they were still wearing those yellow suits.

I stand corrected, that is indeed from SNL.