Jack Black on SNL

Not particularly funny - too bad it was a waste of his talent. It seemed more a problem with the writing than anything.

Also - how do you think Jack Black felt about the musical guest on the show being John Mayer? Oh yeah - he rocks…:dubious:

I turned it off after the cooking class skit. Did it go down hill from THERE?

It was ok. Which is kinda sad considering all the talent.

While I did laugh a little more than I did at most of the episodes from last season, it was still weak.

I’m not a big fan of the D, but even I was wishing they had been the musical guest rather than the ever increasingly bland John Mayer. Hell, Kyle was there, guitar in hand, like he was waiting and hoping during Jack’s musical number in the monologue. To add insult to injury, Justin Timberlake is the host and musical guest next week, wow.

Ave Minerva, be glad you missed the wine tasting sketch late in the show. A whole bad sketch built around spit takes. the writers must be getting stoned and watching old Soupy Sales and Carol Burnett skits now to come up with brilliant comedy like that. I know they bury the worst sketches in the last 30 minutes but come on. I would say something about the sketch after it, but I can’t remember it.

Does anyone else feel they are getting tired of the current Weekend Update already? It’s been the highlight of the last couple seasons, but seemed weaker and more predictable now.

It was nice to see that for Kenan Thompson there is life after Kenan and Kel and Good Burger. His Cosby was dead on.

Is having his shirts tucked in badly and his fly open some kind of Jack Black trademark I’m not aware of, or was he having trouble with all the rapid costume changes needed on the show?

Hmm. I was going to post in favor of the spit takes sketch. But, I was just kidding, really…

I remember the last time he hosted there were a number of wacky songs that were quite good. This time around, only the telemarketing one was worth mentioning.

His “I’m the Only gay Eskimo” performance on Mad TV was classic. Pretty sad when they can’t find something good to do with him on SNL…

That was Corky and the Juice Pigs, with Sean Cullen, not Jack Black.

I have to go ahead and say the spit-take sketch was funny, if only for the bit where Jack took a small sip and did the slow squirting-out-between-his-front-teeth thing…

My roommate is on the Wade Robson Project still, as I type this. Tomorrow he goes on live in another elimination round. He called me to have me tape the show. I guess someone from the east coast called him to say that the show was being spoofed. Too bad it wasn’t really very funny.

I find a lot of funny actors aren’t extremely humorous on SNL. It must be the writing. And besides, I’m not fond of Jack Black really…

The wine-spitting take was the only time I actually laughed during the show.

I also liked the spit-take skit and to think we almost switched it before then because the last half hour usually sucks.

I loved his opening number. He’s at his best when he’s singing. When he squeezed Tina Fey’s water bottle, I almost pissed myself (well, not really, but it was really funny).

As a fan of Jack Black I have to say he ROCKS!

They should of used him to his full potential. He would of most definetly made it an SNL to remember.

What were they thinking not having him double as host/musical guest?

Oh saw School of Rock twice already :smiley:

I have to agree with Kieras here. I would have enjoyed seeing him do The Greatest Song in the World Tribute.

It is an even bigger travesty after watching Justin Timberlake be host and musical guest this weekend. I honestly thought his first song was a parody. That is a horrible excuse for music!