Sam Stone believes Trump's tweets

You guys are ruining this for good women everywhere.

Until I saw this thread, I had forgotten Sam Stone existed. Bliss.

But now that I’ve seen this thread, I’ve forgotten everything existed, except naked pictures of Walter Brennan.

Can’t help you there, but if you’re interested in some tasteful 3X5s of a topless George “Gabby” Hayes in Speedos…

This may be as close as you’ll get to a naked Walter Brennan photo (he does look pretty hot):

(from the 1936 movie “Come And Get It”. His performance won him Best Supporting Actor)

Look who’s still pushing “the January insurrectionists weren’t serious” narrative.

@Ann_Hedonia delivers a savage beating in response.

“I’m going to run to the mean girls and tell on you so we can continue mocking you!”

So predictable. And childish. And obnoxious. You should be ashamed of yourselves for treating fellow members this way. Cesspools like this are one of the reasons the Dope is dying.

This is the only place where we’re allowed to call you a partisan dumbass, you partisan dumbass.

Don’t like it? Stop being such a partisan dumbass!

Whether I like it or not is irrelevant. I personally don’t give a shit what people say about me in the pit, because my attitude is that the kind of people who feel the need to constantly tear down others who aren’t like them really aren’t worth listening to.

The problem with this shit is that it just contributes a little more to the toxicity of this board and tells any visitor who isn’t a fellow traveler that this is not a nice place for them to hang out. I suspect that’s part of the point. But it’s killing the SDMB.

Andrew Clyde really isn’t worth listening to yet there you are, claiming the insurrectionists weren’t serious.

Your “not worth listening to” algorithm needs work.

Boy, howdy, did she ever. We may have to create the cult of @Ann_Hedonia. What would be the appropriate offering?

An oath of fealty?

I was thinking more chocolate or really fancy pens.

I wouldn’t go to a lot of trouble. It seems unlikely s/he’d enjoy it.

I propose sending a matched pair of Siamese kittens. Elegant and above the fray, like the honoree.

Years ago you were a reasonable poster with well thought out opinions, even if I almost never agreed with you. But now you are just an embarrassment.

We have a Christmas tradition at my home. Once we were all adults, we quickly tired of giving each other stuff we neither wanted or needed. So we decided to do something different.

We all have Christmas stockings. On Christmas Eve, we all slip away at various times and stuff wads of cash into the stockings. Then on Christmas morning we each wake up to a big stocking full of cash. That’s our Christmas.

Just saying.

Actually, I don’t want or need anything. This is like therapy to me - and I’m too lazy to manipulate a cult.

Thanks for reading.

…says the person deliberately minimizing an insurrection that attempted to overthrow a legitimate election and resulted in multiple deaths and 140 injured police officers.

You’ve contributed more shit to this “cesspool” than everyone else in that thread combined.

AKA “wah wah wah, people are calling me out on my bullshit about how the insurrectionists were peaceful and unarmed”