Sampiro Speaks! And Sings! My first youtube video

My boss has asked me to make some video tutorials for students.

The problem is I’ve never done anything with a video in my life. For that matter the school has no video editing software, but, c’est la vie. I just bought a new computer anyway, so I’m plaing with the webcam.

So I’m having to learn in babysteps. Baby step one was getting a webcam. Babystep 2 was learning how to record and how to upload.

I’ve just uploaded a video to Youtube. I wanted to make it last at least 4 minutes so rather than stream of consciousness rambling I sang a couple of Civil War songs while my extremely hyper dog sat on my lap.

It’s quite possibly the worst video on Youtube, definitely the newest as of this writing, and will be deleted within a few days once I figure out how to make more “tutorial” videos, but as a soon to be dead timepiece it allows you to hear a Doper speak and see all of his chins and a dreadful singing voice with nasal drainage, so get it now cause in a few days it goes bye bye!

Amuse yourself.

I’ll probably disable comments though, no offense. And remember- limited offer- in a few days it goes back in the vault with Walt.

PS- If you’re wondering about the title it’s a random series of numbers. I intentionally don’t want most YouTube searchers to find this one.:smiley:

Damn! Is it just me, or do you sound like a slightly less English version of Lawrence Olivier when you speak?

Hie thee to Hollywood and seek out roles they don’t want to pay Alan Rickman for. :smiley:

No! He needs to stay in the South and become the twenty-first century’s version of William Faulkner!

Yeah, that’d work too.

But when? :wink:

Heheh, very good. Was babystep 3 letting the dog laugh at you and wonder why the hell you were singing to your computer? :slight_smile: Nice dog, by the way.

And speaking of dysfunctional Southerners, the one other upload. (I started not to share this one, but I uploaded it to play with multiple videos in various files; in conversational freestyling I tell a story that I’ve probably told on the boards about my mother, but it has the “auditory” aspect at least.

Storms and Special Whiskey

I promise this concludes “The Sampiro Campbell Soup/Thalidomide Anthology Series Live on DuMont”.

I was thoroughly amused.

The nude scene was somewhat gratuitous, but I did enjoy the subtle references to ancient Gaelic hip hop traditions. The use of light and dark to create the illusion of solitary madness at a Tara-like plantation - evoking memories of too many mint juleps under a magnolia tree on a hot summers night - was particularly inspired. It brought to mind early films of Hitchcock and Ed Wood.

Despite the simple message, this is not your typical “boy and his dog” film; it is far more complex, with layers of pungent, raw emotion.

I, for one, am looking forward to the sequel and intend to buy the original cast album, as soon as it is released.

You should read audio books. Great voice. And very nice doggies.

I just tuned in for the singing: not bad! Had any training?

ETA: Just saw this thread, and, in my head, I heard your voice singing that song. Would be cool if you tried it.

Id love to see a picture of the stalin mask … =) never associated him with mardi gras though :smiley:

A couple of months ago, I received a power point slide show that gave all the worst examples of using power point. One thing it mentioned was that you can listen or you can read, but you can’t do both. How very true. I couldn’t read the little comments while I was listening, and if I made the effort to read, I couldn’t follow you. So I opted to listen. Maybe I’ll go back and read…

Pretty impressive. Could you sing “Mairzy Doats” in the next one?

Don’t take it down before tonight! Can’t watch at work! :: begging ::

Sampiro, I thought you were born and raised in Faulkner-land. Where does your accent come from? You sound like a Brit. You have a gorgeous voice and you are a very attractive man.

*Which *Birmingham are you from?

Buy a light!

I’m totally intrigued by this video.

Is it funny to me because I know Sampiro as a poster?

Or would this still be funny even if this was just some random guy?

But anyway:
Bwahahahahaha!! :smiley:

Thanks Sampiro.

I just watched Storms and Special Whiskey, and I want more!

When you’re doing the comparatively mild southern accent (as opposed to the Pentecostal version), you sound a great deal like the late Shelby Foote. Is that the accent you grew up speaking, or did you magically grow into a cross between a Mid-Atlantic and a British accent in childhood?