Samsung Galaxy s10e problem with notifying me of texts?

My Samsung Galaxy plays a little “bing-bong” when I get a text.

But only for some texts. Sometimes it’s resolutely silent, and I don’t know that a new text has arrived (which puts a hitch into text conversations).

Trying to google this gets me all sorts of idiot-level advice on the order of “Make sure Notifications for texts is turned on”.
But the phone does Notify me when a text arrives; just not ALL texts. I want it to bing-bong for every single text. Is there some setting that I’ve got goofed up?

What app are you using for messaging?

They don’t make it clear which is which, but Samsung’s is Messages and has a speech bubble with ellipses in blue, speech tail coming from bottom left. Google’s is also called Messages and is blue, but the ellipses are a couple lines mimicing text and the tail is upper left.

Are you getting a notification for the text in the top bar with no sound, or just no notification all together?

I believe it’s Samsung’s.

Okay, just did a little experiment with my wife. If the phone is showing its home screen, all texts are bing-bonged. If I’m looking at the text message screen, texts sneak in silently.

She says hers does the same thing.

I mean, it sounds like my complaint is stupid, right? If you’re looking at the Message screen, why would you need to be alerted to incoming texts? But I’m not always looking at it; sometimes it’s sitting beside me while I’m absorbed in something else (posting to the SDMB, for example).

No, wait, I just had one sneak in from Littlest R while I had the home screen up.

Not stupid at all. I feel exactly as you do. I answer a text, and when the conversation seems over, I simply put the phone down. And at some point in the next few seconds, another text comes in, but the phone doesn’t beep because it thinks I’m still looking at it, so I’m totally unaware of it for minutes, or even hours. Or even longer, because the phone thinks I’ve already read the new text, so I’m NEVER going to get a notification about it.

This happens to me with the Samsung native text messaging system, and also with WhatsApp. Logically, I suppose it would be true of ANY similar app.

Here’s one thing you can do (I have an S9 so I’m assuming it’s in the same place).

Go to the general settings for you phone.
Click on Notifications.
Scroll all the way to the bottom.
Click on “Notification Reminder”
Turn on for whichever app you want

This will keep sending you alerts at the time frame specified until you clear the notification.