Samsung Note 3 word suggest not working

Hello Everyone,

My Note 3 has always adapted and learned words not in its database so I can swype the correct word. For some reason it no longer seems to have learned words in its database any longer and it doesn’t appear to be learning anything I type over and over. How do I fix this?

Which keyboard are you using – the default Samsung keyboard that comes with the phone, or the Google Keyboard that is optional, or something else like Swype itself?

Also, are you using the stock ROM, or have you installed a custom ROM and/or the Xposed Framework? Is your phone rooted? Coincidentally I’ve been working on one of my Note 3’s the last couple of days and I noticed that there were several tweaks and Xposed modules for modifying how the keyboard dictionary works.

I have the same phone and I’m using Swype. If I want to add a word I have to type it in, press space, and tap above the keyboard where it says (+) Add “________” to the dictionary. The only learning it does on its own is to automatically change a word to all caps if I have recently written it in all caps.