San Franciscans: Recognize the street in that Convertible VW Bug commercial?

Since I live about five blocks away, I sure do.


Cole Valley. You’re looking at Cole Street between Carl and Parnassus. The sure giveaway is at the very end - that’s Alpha Market, with the word “Alpha” digitally blacked out on the blue awning. You can also see Cole Hardware’s hanging yellow signs in one shot. Also, there’s no “Cafe” and no outside tables where the guy picks up the napkin, that’s the convenience store next to Finnegan’s Wake.

This has been the very definition of Mudane Pointless Stuff I Must Share. Otherwise I would have placed it in Cafe Society as “TV commercial trivia.” Apologies for the wrong forum should a Mod move it :slight_smile:

I assume you’re talking about the dorky one with the smiling people, not the cool one with the ELO music.

Oops - didn’t know there were too of them, I’ve only seen the one. Yes, the dorky one with the smiling people and the red convertible, where you are led to believe that all resultant acts of kindness from strangers stem from the first stranger looking at the convertible.