That Cable TV Show About Sleazy Car salesmen!

Forget the name, but I find it oddly entertaining. Its a huge cHRYSLER DEALERSHIP in Las Vegas, who have a sales staff of extremely aggressive salesmen. Included in the bunch is an indian guy who dresses up like some kind of middle eastern pasha (with blue face makeup). It s a boiler room, no doubt-every salesman is tracked and you have to SELL. They doe weird things like have animals and clowns at the dealership, and it looks like they attract a lot of people with bad credit-like a young couplw who owe more on their truck (than its worth) and want to buy ANOTHER car! I thought dealerships like this were not around anymore…but this place sells cars. Anybody seen the show?

Oh Yeah!

“King of Cars” starring “Chop” Tobin on A&E.

My current (not so) guily pleasure.

The show is fun, but buy a car from them? NO WAY!

I wonder if Las Vegas is a place where the old-style car dealer antics can flourish-you have a transient poulation, lots of people making big money, epople who want new cars 9bling)? Anyway, i can’t imagine working in such a place-you basically rope em in, get them qualified for a bank loan, and get them to sign. that is it. I wonder if the show will show the irate customers, months after their impulsive purchase, going bankrupt or torching their cars.