Can someone help me ID a movie about car salesmen

A couple of years back, my partner and i watched a movie that we really liked about car salesmen, but i can’t remember the title for the life of me. It was a fairly low budget affair, but (as someone who sold cars for a year in my younger days) i thought it did a pretty great job of showing some of the pressure and tactics of the sales floor.

I can’t remember the whole plot, but i remember that one of the salesmen was in financial trouble, and was being pressured by criminals of some sort, and had to help them hold up the dealership, or something similar. There was also an incident where one of the salesmen got left on the side of the road (or something) without his pants after a woman on a test drive tried to seduce him.

Anyway, i know that’s a bit vague, but if someone has seen the movie i’m sure they’ll recognize it, even if my fuzzy memory has got some of the details wrong. A search of IMDB using keywords like “car salesman” has proved fruitless, but i know the Dope will be able to pick me up.

Sounds like Barry Levinson’s 1987 Tin Men.

This isn’t the movie you’re looking for, but if you like movies about car salesmen, you have to see the hilarious and profane Used Cars.

“Jesus Palomino!”

No, not Tin Men. It’s much more recent than that.

As someone who just spent quite a few years living in Baltimore, i became very familiar with Levinson’s oeuvre, including Tin Men.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out.

Here’s a couple of maybes:

Deal With It
Car Babes

How about The Woman Chaser with Patrick Warburton? Great noir-ish movie – he plays a used car salesman who writes a movie.

That would be Suckers

What about Cadillac Man?

I never realized there were so many movies about car salesmen. Slasher is a good documentary about one.

We have a winner! That’s the one. Thanks a heap.

It’s been a while since i saw it, but i remember liking it a lot, and now i’m going to get it out again. I’m amazed that i didn’t remember Daniel Benzali, because i like him a lot, and that would have allowed me to find it straight away.