"Used Cars"

Just picked up the recent DVD release of the 1980 comedy “Used Cars”. Anyone else like this movie? I loved it when it first came out, and even after 25 years it’s still very funny.

This is very much in the tradition of “CaddyShack” and “Stripes”. It’s about a car dealership full of totally amoral workers. Hijinks ensue. Lenny and Squiggy make an appearance as genius hackers, as does Joe Flaherty as a sleazy lawyer. Kurt Russell is excellent as a complete sleazebag car salesman with a heart of go… no, not gold. Maybe rusty tin. There’s a heart there somewhere, sort of.

Not to be missed: The car lot boys hijack a microwave relay and insert their homemade car commercials illegally into several broadcasts - each more hilarious than the previous one.

And hey, fifty bucks never killed anyone.

Anyone else remember and like this movie?

Oh, and it was written by Bob Zemeckis and Bob Gale - the guys responsible for “Back to the Future” and “Forrest Gump”. Although if Forrest showed up on this lot, he probably would have wound up buried in an Edsel or something.

A classic. “He’s on the fifty!..he’s on the forty!..he’s on the thirty!..”

“Test drive with Toby!”

“Look, it’s got great seats - really comfortable, and look at that interior, and… OH, JUST GET GET IN THE MOTHERF*!*ING CAR!”

It also starred veteran actor Jack Warden as the mechanic. I remember he had a dog assisting him. “No, I said a Phillips screwdriver !!” LOL

Jack Warden played a dual role. The Fuchs brothers. One good, one evil. A good performance, too.

It’s a RED CAR…

I liked the mechanic who was always dozing off with the blowtorch in his hand running full blast. (Even better was how accustomed to it Kurt Russell was: he’d walk over and turn it off like he was switching off a light).

That same mechanic had a great bowlederized phrase (that I use to this day) for registering surprise: “Jesus Palomino!”

Oh yes :stuck_out_tongue:

“Mister - you killed my dog!”

We were just talking about this at lunch the other day. I was heartily praising it to folks at my office. Glad to know it’s out on DVD.


Was that the one where the model’s dress was caught on the hood and when the hood got popped, her dress went with it?

“Fifty bucks never killed anyone!”

“When my boss sees this, he’s going to have a stroke!”

Be sure to watch it once with the Kurt Russell/ Bob and Bob commentary

Oh, yeah, great flick. I loved the part where the salesmen had strippers dancing on the hoods of cars, and were letting the clients sign contracts for the cars on the still-gyrating backsides of the strippers.

Hilarious flick. Still great today.

“Maroon car, my ass. This (expletive deleted)'s red!”

“We’re not just lowering high prices… we’re blowing the living sh*t out of high prices!”

Kurt: “No, ma’am, that car wasn’t a taxi. That’s the new yellow primer…”

“Look out Marshall Lucky! It’s Hiiiigh Prices!”

Man, I LOVE this movie. One of the classics.

And the really tall stripper? That’s Betty Thomas, later known for “Hill Street Blues” before she became a director.

And there’s Al Lewis (Grandpa from “The Munsters”) as a judge who keeps a little toy gallows and guillotine on the bench.

This was the first movie I watched on video.

At the time there was a place that had a bunch of rooms with big screen tvs, couches and they sold concessions like a movie theate. You and your friends could rent a movie, and a room to watch it in for a pretty resonable price.

We’ve got mile of cars.

“Most blatant case of false advertising I’ve ever seen.”

Thanks you guys, I never get that movie out of my head now!

Off to the NetFlix queue…