Sandra Bullock on September 11th

Scroll down to the bottom of this article to see what I’m talking about.

“Honey! I’ve just gotten an email from a movie star! She says Tony and the kids are all okay!”

That’s cool. I’ve always liked her.

I don’t understand why her name always comes up in the “What actress do you hate?” and the “Which actresses are not attractive” threads. For my money, she’s beautiful, kind, funny and talented.

I do her. :smiley:

That’s pretty cool. I mean, that she acted like a real, compassionate human being, and not like some stars. Somehow, I can’t see Naomi Campbell doing the same thing.

Now, more than ever, we NEED Sandra Bullock.

[sub]When she was a kid, did the other children call her “Sandra Buttock,” do you think?[/sub]

From what I understand, she gave a cool $1M to the relief fund, too.

I’m thinking, if they were Sex Pistols fans, they called her Sandra Bollocks.

As for the OP, starring in The Net really paid off, yes?

Whats your point? I think thats very cool of her.

pbrtallboy, nevermind the Sandras.

And yes, everyone, Sandra Bullock is lovely, kind and generous, but let’s pay attention to my OP, shall we?

How would all of you react if you had a loved one in Lower Manhattan and got an email out of the blue from a famous movie star telling you they were all right?

how would I react?

A. ohthankgodthey’reok

B. thankgodthey’re ok

C. thankgodthey’re ok

D. Sandra Bullock??

Seriously, it seemed to me to be a very kind thing to do under the circumstance (that a bazillion people would be worried about loved ones, and have no way of connecting with them).

did you feel otherwise? or did you think the relatives would go off on the Sandra Bullock aspect vs. thankgodthey’reok?

E. So, Sandy…how you doin’?

Wow ! That is pretty darn cool.

Do you really think she signed the emails “The Sandra Bullock” or has the address :slight_smile:

friggae, I don’t think she has that address or signs her emails that way. But I don’t think she tried to hide her identity, either. She probably has a .sig file, or opened the email with something like “Hi, I’m Sandra Bullock. I’m in Lower Manhattan, and your friend or relative is just fine.”

Or she sent the email anonymously. Either way, I think it would be confusing in the extreme, and I’m not sure I’d even believe it.

Perhaps not, but her effort was better than doing nothing.

Wow. That’s really something!
Plus, she doesn’t seem to be bragging-she was just talking about her computer and said, “So, i had it and just said, 'okay, blah blah blah…”

She seems so humble. I like Sandra Bullock!

I’m not sure I would believe the email.

I’d be thinking “yeah, right, Sandra Bullock is sending me email. Now damn, why can’t I get through to Uncle Bob!!!”

That’s pretty cool, though.

Mmmmmmmm… Sandra’s buttock.


Of course it was. Absolutely so.

Why are so many of you reading this thread as an attack on Sandra Bullock? That wasn’t my intent at all.

Fiver: I was wondering the same thing. People seemed to take your OP wrong.

I’ve always liked Sandra Bullock, now even moreso :smiley: