Sandwich and chips: which do you eat first?

Results of the “burger and fries” poll were interesting.

I’m curious if the answers are different for a very similar but different meal: a sandwich and chips. Any sandwich, hot or cold, with any chips (e.g. potato chips, corn chips, Sun Chips, tortilla chips, etc.).

  • Sandwich
  • Chips
  • I alternate about equally
  • I combine the two items
  • Depends on…
  • Something completely else

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For this typical lunch, I tend to eat the sandwich first, then the chips.

Unless the chips are made fresh in the restaurant, they’re not worth eating except for one or two as a brief change of pace for the palate. If they are made fresh, I might have a couple more after the main event.

Substitute ‘sandwich’ for ‘burger’, and ‘chips’ for ‘fries’.

That will be an additional $3. Is that okay?

Depends on how messy the sandwich is. Very messy sandwiches (that are still hand-holdable) I won’t put down until it’s finished or has disintegrated. Otherwise I will take time out to eat some chips.

My answer is almost identical to my burger / fries response, except I don’t like chips as much as fries so they don’t play as big a role. The chips are necessary but I’ll generally stop eating them once the sandwich is gone.

I eat the sandwich first.

I usually don’t eat all the chips. I find them too salty. That’s a change from my childhood appetite.

I’ll eat a few chips with the sandwich.

The only chips that I still love are Cheetos Puffs. I usually eat them as a snack. I buy the single serving bags for a $1.25. I wouldn’t normally serve Cheetos with a sandwich.

The poll is very difficult to answer.

Aha; fixed!

I generally eat my sammich first.


But chips IN sandwich can be absolutely divine.

Complete opposite of the burger-and-fries situation: I’ll eat (most of the) fries first before they get cool, but I’ll eat a sandwich first so I don’t fill up on the chips.

If a sandwich came with a bag of chips, I would almost certainly take the bag home to eat later.

I eat half the sandwich, then all the chips, then the other half of the sandwich.

I… I don’t understand the question:

Wow… “I heard you liked carbs so I put a ton of carbs in the middle of another ton of carbs!”


BTW, I thought of that burger/fries poll when I braved going out to an actual bar (weekday afternoon, no one there). I remembered my opinion back then:

So I got smart when I ordered and said “I’ll have the Brewmaster Burger basket, but can I get the fries in, say, fifteen minutes?”

(SDMB, helping us hack our lives…)

Or same idea in the US (at Primanti’s [from Pittsburgh] though I’ve seen other purveyors do it.) Though we 'd, of course, call those fries and not chips. :slight_smile:

I alternate bites.