Sandy Koufax

I guess he wouldn’t have gotten upset if it weren’t true, right? And I don’t see anywhere that he denies it (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

Perhaps he just wants his privacy respected. Perhaps he felt that the writer should have contacted him prior to making unsubstantiated claims. Perhaps this was the last straw he was prepared to deal with from News Corp.

Au contraire, he is upset because it apparently isn’t true. I’m not so sure it’s the subject matter but simply that it’s tawdry journalism. News Corp should be ashamed, as should Murdoch.

Sandy’s a class guy. What a shame he and the Dodgers are put in this situation because of a grubbing parent company.

Let me clarify - I agree Sandy is a classy guy and I’m a huge fan. It’s just that the gossip item didn’t even mention him by name. If it’s not true, how did he know it’s about him?? Moreover, whether or not he correctly assumed it was about him, he just brought more attention to the item by his public stance since nobody would’ve known to who the article referred, right?

I heard on ESPN radio this morning, Dan Patrick was comparing this “outing” with Andy Ashe, who you know got the HIV virus from a blood transfusion. What I heard Mr. Patrick saying is that we should be making alligations on rumor alone.

Also how about Mike Piazza having to have not one but two press conferences stating “I am not gay”. Also why should anyone care if he is or isn’t. It is unfortunate that the sports world is still full of small minded people.


Nobody ever believes denials anyway… you’re sunk as soon as you are accused.

Oh, it’s quite clear they were insinuating it was Koufax. The article mentions a “hall of fame ballplayer” and refers to the author as “she.” Koufax recently had a bio written by a woman. The Post is expecting people to connect those particular dots.

So either the Post was insinuating Koufax was gay, or was talking about another player in such a way that people would get the impression it was Koufax. Not exactly responsible journalism, especially since the author of the Koufax biography denies it, too.

It does put a public figure in a difficult situation. If people whisper he’s gay, and he’s not, what should he do? Ignore it? Maybe, but that won’t kill the rumor. Announce it’s a lie? That’ll make plenty of people believe otherwise.

And if you do that, people will also call you a homophobe, which may not be the case at all. Should you stand by and do nothing when people are spreading false rumors about you?

Reminds me of the rumors circulating about Troy Aikman, that he was gay as well. They had to be true, right?

Turns out they were started by an assistant coach on Barry Switzer’s orders. Seems Switzer was pissed that Aikman held him in such little regard and was trying to get back at Troy. It was only because of the depth at which I already held him that my opinion of Switzer didn’t fall even further.

As far as I know Troy never tried to publicly deny the rumors. As mentioned there’s really no guarantee as to which way public sentiment would swing.

I feel for Sandy. That damn rag put him in an unfair position.

[ul]:rolleyes: [sup]For instance, if he had kept quiet, you wouldn’t have started this thread.[/sup][/ul]

Sandy Koufax is not only a class act and a true gentleman in a sport that lately seems to be sadly lacking in both, but also a very private man. Many journalists have called him a recluse, but that’s just their frustration talking. He has a large circle of friend and is very social- he just won’t talk to you weasels…

I applaud his decision to sever his ties with the Murdock-owned Dodgers, although it breaks my heart. The real losers are the young pitchers on the Dodgers staff, who won’t have access to one of the greatest living pitchers.

He has said that if/when the Dodgers are sold, he is looking forward to rejoining the team.

I think the article was totally irresponsible and lame. Sandy Koufax deserves so much more. What the hell have we become that we have to tear down the few legends we have left?

Koufax is IMHO one of the two greatest pitchers since the end of the “deadball era”, the other being Satchel. I think they really ought to have some respect and leave the fella’s private life alone.

I can’t imagine why anyone other than Sandy Koufax would even be interested if Sandy Koufax is gay. Is he going to become any less of the baseball legend that he is? Are his accomplishments in the sport going to be wiped off of the record? Please. The man could be a four-headed alien and it wouldn’t negate his career.

In 1980 I was working for a small town radio station when I was assigned to cover the local Special Olympics opening ceremony. I walked around with my microphone, asking people’s names, and what they were doing when a very excited lady walked up to me with a distinguished looking gentleman who looked vaguely familiar and introduced me to Sandy Koufax!

Ye gads, the hours I spent glued to my transistor radio listening to Vin Scully describe the exploits of young Sanford Koufax. The Dodger games I attended where my dad and I made sure that Sandy would be making an appearance before we purchased tickets. The exhilaration of listening to one of his perfect games on the radio. The sadness I felt upon his retirement.

And here I am shaking hands with Sandy Koufax!!!

The nice lady took a picture of Sandy and I shaking hands and sent it to me at the station. I mailed it immediately to my dad, who commented:

I know my son has made it, now that I’ve seen him shaking hands with Sandy Koufax

Sandy’s not gay. Or maybe he is. Who cares?

The fact remains that he was one of the best that ever played the game of baseball. And one of the finest gentlemen that I’ve ever met in my life.

Sandy Koufax is neither mundane nor pointless, IMHO.


One of his four no-hitters, you mean.

He had one perfect game. September 9, 1965. Which is a career’s worth of perfect games, even for a pitcher of Koufax’ caliber.

In his prime, he was about as untouchable a pitcher as there ever was. The stats for his last two seasons are absolutely mind-boggling.

And he was, and is, one of the class acts of the game.

Needless to say, I don’t care whether he’s straight or gay. But that’s his private business, either way. It’s not the business of the Murdoch empire to share any of that with the world, regardless of its veracity.

Rupert Murdoch deserves a big hand–right across the mouth! :mad:

Damn, I think this is the first time I’ve ever agreed with dougie_monty!


A minor question, and I don’t mean to contradict the point of your message, but when did Switzer start this rumor? Aikman went to Oklahoma under Switzer for a year or two, didn’t he? It would have to be during this period, because I heard the rumors before Switzer ever became coach of the Cowboys.

Keith Olbermann in today’s Salon rips Murdoch a new one. Olbermann is apparently putting his money where his mouth is – he’s returning an advance from HarperCollins in protest over the Koufax affair.

Could someone explain to me how a rumour that someone is gay is “tearing down” a legend? What exactly is so harmful about this rumour, true or not? What is the harm?

It seems like a pissy, overly-dramatic, asinine response by Koufax. Yes, he should have just ignored it. To sever ties over such a small thing shows Koufax to be both petty and homophobic as well as ignorant of the complex relationships between corporate entities. He’s not hurting the New York Post one whit by his “protest” and he is hurting an organization he claims to respect.

I can’t read the article, since it requires a subscription. Does Olbermann mention why he is just now (I guess) getting indignant, since the item was in the New York Post in December?