Santa Claus mailed a box to our house!

Addressed to my daughter, it was. And said right there on the return address, “Santa Claus - the North Pole.” It was postmarked California, though; I think Santa’s taking a vacation in the warm before his overtime shift starts next week. :wink:

The look on my daughter’s face - wow. Just the memory of it will be enough to make every Christmas merry for me from now until the day I die.

So, Santa, if you’re reading this (and I know you are ;):D) - thank you. And mini-Marli thanks you, as well. You’re beyond awesome.

The wonderful “Mister C” strikes again! :slight_smile:

Nothing like the joy in the eyes of a child at Christmas time!

So glad your little one’s happy, Marlitharn.

Happy Holidays to both of you.

(and no, y’all, it wasn’t me. I just thought it was special that Mr C. put his address on the package, and made Marli’s little one happy, and I thought her post deserved a comment)


Me, too! You guys have had a tough year. And no one deserves a smile more than a little girl who had to give up her precious kitties and doggies and other critters.

Merry Christmas!

Santa, that was beautiful. Way to go!

Also, happy birthday, Marli. I know I’m a little early but I won’t be online tomorrow. Hope it’s a great one!

See, THIS is exactly why I still truly believe in Santa at the age of 30. Nothing, nowhere, nohow will ever convince me otherwise. Now, I have to go, I’ve got a little something in my eye.