sarah jessica parker

Can anyone please tell me what is so great about this woman?

Can someone please list some redeeming qualities she has other than “Sex in the city” struck a chord by portraying philandering, professional women, implying that role was always occupied by men (and ironically perpetuating that notion)?

Sometimes I think that Sarah Jessica Parker is the actress equivalent of the “Dairy Queen Restaurant” phenomenon, where most women generally like it even though the food is devoid of substance or taste, perhaps because it represents some kind of indulgence.

Mabey Sarah Jessica Parker is to women as “The Man Show” is to men.

Anyway, I’m interested to hear other perspectives on this woman. I’m open to changing my mind about her if someone can help me understand her “genius”.

I should add that my query is for redeeming qualities worthy of a super mega celebrity, not a normal person. Im sure she is a nice human being.

I never liked Sex and the City but I do think SJP is kind of hot and she seems pretty cool in interviews. I’d hit it.

She peaked with Square Pegs. It’s been downhill for her ever since.

Man, I ABSOLUTELY HATED her character in Sex and the City. What a whiny, passive-aggressive bitch. I can’t stand her for that reason alone, and will probably boycott any future movie/tv-show she’s in for that reason.

That character aside, she’s not a very good actress and definitely not that hot.

I personally loved Cynthia Nixon’s character.

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I have never cared for SitC and could not understand the “all-that” image projected for SJP. That said, we recently watched Failure To Launch and I actually enjoyed her character, especially as she became more “real” as the movie progressed. She actually seemed likable and cute at some point in the movie.
YMMV of course.

I am not a fan of Sex in the City. The show and the characters annoyed me too much.
I do not think she is particulary cute or nice looking by Hollywood standards but she did look very cute to me and I thought she did a great job acting in Footloose (1984), Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985), Flight of the Navigator (1986), L.A. Story (1991) & Hocus Pocus (1993).
I thought her acting was terrific in Ed Wood (1994) as Dolores Fuller.
I liked her in Square Pegs, I was the correct age for the show. It was a good show for its time but it has aged horribly. *
*I note she is a year older than I am. *


  • I probably have not aged all that well from 1983 either.

As a human being, I wish her the best and hope she has a happy and fulfilling life.

As a celebrity, for the love of one’s dear and fluffy Lord, can anyone explain why people find her so attractive?

Now or in the Eighties? She was very cute in the Eighties. Now, not cute or attractive by Hollywood standards.
BTW, is your lord a Kitty cat?


Sarah Jessica is too thin. Sex and the City is status quo gender-role propaganda cleverly disguised as sassy grrl-liberation.

On Sex and the City:

“So… this is about three hookers and their Mom?”

  • Brian Griffin

I don’t get the appeal either. She seems like a nice person but I don’t see how so many people find her attractive, she’s rather plain. She was cute in Square Pegs and I liked her in that show (maybe because it was easy to relate to her character), but the lisp isn’t really cute on an adult. I also don’t think she should really be winning any acting awards.

On the Ed Wood dvd the woman she played in the film said SJP was pretty nasty to her. I wasn’t a fan of her before seeing that interview, but my opinion of her went even lower after that.

She. Is. Not. Physically. Attractive. For. An. Actress. Period. Except. For. Her. Boobs.

Still, she seems to be a good sport, and was classic in Ed Wood, the best Johnny Depp movie ever. I seem to remember some kind of poll by a men’s magazine that asked who of the following actresses (and an actor or two) would you like to fetishly worship their feet, and SJP finished behind a couple of dudes, heh. Case closed!
I’d still do her, but she is not close to Hollywood Actress attractive like she is played up to be in the tabloids.

I think she is stunningly ugly. Her face is slightly horse-like. Her body is emaciated looking. Her voice is annoying. There is nothing attractive about her, whatsoever.

Except them boobs?

Also from Family Guy, in a discussion of TV censorship: “They let Sarah Jessica Parker’s face on TV–and she looks like a foot!”

Joe Bob Briggs had the word on her - “ugly on a stick.” Though I’m willing to consider the possibility that she’d be atractive with a bag over her head. Maybe.

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