Sarcasm center of brain located. Yeah, right.....

Yeah, sure… :rolleyes:

I bet the lead researcher was asking for a status report from his staff, and they’re like “Yeah, we accomplished a lot this week… We located the… uh… SARCASM center of the brain. Yeah. And we located it at breakfast this morning. It was in my freaking Cheerios.”

“Ooohhhh, you found the sarcasm center of the brain. Oooohhhh, I’m soooo impressed.”

I’m really looking forward to their upcoming interview with Joan Face on Heavy Sarcasm.

Yeah, THIS will be a great thread. It’s already gotten SO MANY replies.

Well it’s such an INTERESTING topic, and you’re such a POPULAR member.

Yes, of course, you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. :rolleyes:

Oh, don’t worry…I’m sure it’ll make Threadspotting any second now.

A sarcasm detector? That’s a really useful invention…

I’m sure Revtim is DELIGHTED to see so many INCISIVE and BRILLANT replies to the OP . . .

Yeah, THAT’ll happen. Right. Sure.

They could have been looking for something cool like the brain’s irony centre*****. But sarcasm is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING.

***** maybe they were. . .

Well, apparently, judging from the replies to this thread, all they had to do was locate the area of the brain that processes capital letters. I’m sure THAT was difficult.

Man, that “talking sarcastically about sarcasm” joke never gets old. Ever.

Yup. Never gets stale. Always there, always ever-fuckin’-green. Unchanging.


And science marches boldly forward.

Right, this is science. Yeah, uh-huh, suuuure …

Sarcasm has been found in the brain…not YOUR ASS? …what, has cancer suddenly been cured? Did I miss the memo?