Saskatchewan Roughriders No. 1 in the West!!


W00T! First time in 10 years!

Now we get a bye to the West final in two weeks time, at home.

Off to Canadian Tire to buy more hand-warmers - will likely be a bit chilly!

Bombers in third place travel to Calgary next work to play the Stamps in the West semi.

Edmonton gets relegated to the cross-over in Montreal.

Right - the westernmost team in the playoffs, the Edmonton Eskimos, Judy beat the eastern most team in the league, the Montreal Alouettes, winning a berth in the Eastern Final, and potentially represent the East against the West. :dubious:

It’s the CFL!

Is that team in Halifax ever going to happen? It would end the cross over crap.

Well, crap. The Bombers are making the Stamps look bad.

I think it’s more accurate to say the Stamps are bad today.

The Bombers has a great game, especially playing tandem QBs. First time sinceSaskatchewan did it back in 89, at least that I remember.

As for Nova Scotia, I understand that the stadium is the big issue, but progress is being made.

That ball looked pretty hard, which might explain some of the Stamps’ dropsies. Except Winnipeg didn’t seem to have that problem.

Four turnovers by Bo Levi, including three interceptions. Maybe the TSN crew will finally stop fawning over him as if he’s the Second Coming.