Saturday Night Live; 10/09/10 (Jane Lynch hosting)

Heads up; Jane Lynch is hosting SNL tonight.

That show’s still on? Unless Tina’s on, I’m not interested.

How many Gilly & McGruber sketches have they done so far this year?

I liked her opening & most of her sketchs (especially the digital short w/Samberg), but I did not care for the Glee sketch.

I missed most of this episode (was at work) but so far neither of those sketches have appeard this year, especially because Will Forte (McGruber himself) is no longer a cast member. The show is notorious for repeat sketches that complaining about it seems like complaing there is too much of that damn weather report on the Weather Channel.

I’d like the Glee sketch if it weren’t for that Gily girl or whatever the fuck. She sucked the funny right out of the sketch.

There is a theory that the actress (Kristina Wiig?) gets so much air time for her lame-ass characters via some kind of sucking.

I just watched the first half-hour and I’d say that good moments were- in this order- Jane Lynch’s monologue/Sue Sylvester song, Gloria Allred, Christian O’Donnell campaign ad.

I only watched SNL last night because of Jane Lynch, and I was reminded of why I don’t watch SNL anymore.

Man, that sucked.

Lynch did a song in her opening that has two gals in red sweatsuits dancing behind her. I’m actually surprised they didn’t add in the red sweatsuit dancing guy from 'What’s up with that?" because they recycle so much shit on SNL.

Didn’t even make it to the musical act before I switched it off. It’s DVR’ed and I said I’d watch it later but we all know that’s a lie.

Man, I miss Mad TV.

That guy wears a purple sweat suit. DDUUUUUHHHHHH.

I loved the “Mom’s New Boyfriend Show”. I laughed, a lot.

Unhappy that Gilly ruined the Glee sketch.

Yes! Those were the best and worst of the night, respectively.

Nope, red. That’s going to be my Halloween costume.

I liked “Damn, My Mom’s on Facebook” and…that’s about it.

These. NBC, pay attention to the common denominator here. Kristen Wiig might be hot, but she’s not funny. Neither are fat black men in drag.

Wiig and Keenan are overstaying their welcome. You have your new token black guy. Cut Thompson loose.

Kristen Wiig can be funny. But not as Gilly.

I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that Thompson can be funny too, but I’m unable to come up with any examples off the top of my head.

I forgot about the new black guy, his Denzel was pretty damn good if you ask me.

Wiig is hilarious! A pox on those who want her gone, A POX!

Gilly might be stupid, but I love her old timey actress on Secret Word, the too-exicited-to-keep-a-secret lady, the fast talking travel agent on Weekend Update, and the Penelope “I’m better than you” girl. And I miss Will Forte and his MacGruber sketches. Even if they sucked, they are only like 1 minute long so it’s digestable

Jay Pharaoh got a lot of buzz headed into this season – apparently, his Obama impression is so good it’s scary, but SNL isn’t about to take the prez gig away from a longtime cast member like Armisen.

The problem with impressionists is that once you get over how good the impression is (and that Denzel was GOOD), you need the situation and writing to be funny to really keep it going. I don’t think that was the case with this sketch.

I agree…the Denzel sketch went nowhere. If Denzel was an actor with a history of known bizarre behavior while doing research for roles, maybe it would have done something. For instance, replace Denzel for Joaquin Phoenix in that sketch and go from there…

Favorite sketches of the week: Gloria Allred & Christine O’Donnell. New boyfriend sketch was passable. Most of the rest were yawners.

I was distracted through the entire opening monologue trying to figure out if Jane Lynch’s top was supposed to be off the shoulder like that, or if she was having a wardrobe malfunction. I guess it was on purpose, but it was weird.

Still liked the song, though. Liked Mom’s on Facebook and the new boyfriend sketch, too.