Taylor Lautner on SNL

I don’t care if he’s underaged, my tongue is still hanging out from that opening and he didn’t even take his shirt off. I would pay (Taylor Swift) to drink his bathwater. Anyone else watching?

Not Gilly, please, no, not a Gilly sketch— it seems like one coming.

I actually like the oh my gaaaawwwwd lady.

The lady that can’t keep a secret? Interesting idea but they drug it out too long IMHO.

You lie! Saturday Night Live would never do that!

Amazingly enough, I don’t find Taylor whoever attractive at all.

I agree that his opening was AMAZING! What moves! The rest, as usual, SUCKED!

Pretty much. And no shirtlessness. And that Native American comedian sketch… as usual… wasn’t even funny in concept.

No, the first time Fred did it it rocked. It was just the way he pulled it off. Wasn’t so funny this time but Fred is good.

Man, I kept meaning to come back and say I was wrong about SNL last week, since it was actually funny for once. I thought maybe it was improving. I was getting my hopes up for tomorrow when I get to see the show on Hulu (I don’t have cable and can’t pick up NBC). and now they are down.

Incidentally, I thought I’d look the guy up on Google, and I got some sort of conection to Twitter as my second result. WTF! Why in the world would I want a continually updating feed of all Twitter comments that mention Taylor Lautner? Is there any time that such a thing could ever even be remotely useful?

Was there a glitch just before the second Bon Jovi song? On my TV I saw an old sketch with Will Ferrel running which suddenly cut off and then the Bon Jovi performance started. I don’t know if this was a network mistake or a problem with my local NBC affiliate.

I’m embarrassed that I even know this, but I learned from the recent cover story on Lautner in Rolling Stone that he started off at a pretty young age studying martial arts, was a youth karate champion, and was encouraged to pursue acting by one of his instructors.

You’re not going to be happy with the SNL Christmas special, then. Apparently, the “host” of it is going to be Gilly, introducing all the skits.

Does anybody find Gilly skits funny? If the answer is (as I suspect) a resounding “no,” why do the SNL writers keep coming up with Gilly skits? I mean, even THEY have to realize it sucks.

Ideas that suck have never been an impediment to the SNL writers. They’re just trying to fill the time.

The only one I saw was with Drew Barrymore (wasn’t it?) playing the Italian version of Gilly introduced to the class as a new student. It was interesting for a minute or two but…well…you know.

Not worthy of recurring skit status.

Yeah, it was birlliant that they had her climb up the chimney, but the skit itself was obviously way too long. On top of that, the logic of the skit gets blown to pieces because of the length. At one point, they say they want to do one thing to announce the baby, but then they drop it altogether.

The PGA skit was funny and it was a nice switch up to split it into three parts like that. The funniest part was that the tour was being sponsored by the letter Q.

The doorbell skit at the end was pretty funny as well, but it seemed a bit long. Maybe they were padding it out a bit to end the show.

“What about me? I like computers.”

“Ding dong, routers, Netflix, what?”

Did anyone notice how he missed Kayne’s head twice when he was trying to kick it? He grunts “ah!” then just resorts to punching it. That would be so stressful to do on that small stage, and live at that. His bo staff twirling was amazing too.

Other than that, the only thing I found really funny was The Lady who Can’t Handle a Secret. I love who Kristen Wiig seems to explore the various psychoses of odd middle aged women. The only thing she does that I truly can not stand is Gilly, which is comedy poison.

The saddest comment I heard from my wife was during the middle school swing choir Christmas concert sketch.

“That SHOULD have been funny.”

I thought he was trying to kick very close to the face but not actually hit it.