SNL 11/7/09, Taylor Swift

Starting this thread basically just to say that Taylor Swift is amazingly good as the host. I laughed so hard at the “Teens Against Parents Driving” skit that I nearly ruptured something.

The Franken-Twilight digital short was pretty good, too.

Staying tuned.

Did they do a Kanye West parody?

All told not a bad show! Agree that Taylor Swift was a good host. The parents driving sketch was good, as was the Hollywood Dish interview.

Just a brief mention in the monologue.

Well, she can act better than she sings live.

No love for the Bunny Business soundtrack?

This was a better than average episode, Kristin Wiig aside. Taylor was good in all her sketches, though she was kind of unnecessarily shoe-horned into the scared straight convict thing.

“Jizawatts” made me laugh.

This and the Sarah McLaughlin bit in Weekend Update were my favorite parts.

The “Really?” bit about Goldman Sachs and the swine flu vacine was pretty funny.

LOVED the Bunny Business soundtrack! Including Taylor Swift’s incredible Shakira.

Best show of the season so far (not saying much, I know). I like the way they are incorperating the new girls into the show. I love Wiig, but she can’t carry every female part.

The Shep Smith, Glen Beck, Greta Van Sus., and Elizabeth Hasselbeck were all spot on (especially Shep Smith).

Taylor swift was a great host.

Hey, I love Kenan Thompson, but he also can’t be playing every black female part. They need to hire another female that can carry the black female characters.

“We’re not talkin’ bout no ‘flux capacitor’, we’re talkin’ about your ‘butts capacity’!
20,000 jizawatts!”

Taylor Swift’s inflection on “MOOOOOMMMM!” in the “Parents Driving” skit still makes me laugh every time I think about it. It was just the perfect outraged whiny teen voice.

I was really happy to see that they brought Amy Poehler in for “Really?!?! with Seth and Amy”, because “Really?!?!? with Seth” just doesn’t pack quite the same punch.

And yeah, for a skit that aired in the last few minutes of the show, “Bunny Business” was surprisingly good. The Randy Newman impersonation was a particular high point for me.

I missed the Newman impression on the Bunny Business because it was the end of the show and I was tired and I thought it was the end already yadda yadda yadda. It was still a funny skit that should have been placed closer to the beginning.

Taylor is cute and a pretty good singer. She was game for whatever they had her do, which was pretty cool. The scared straight skit was moderatley amusing with her as a con and Jason Sedakis hopping onto the desk towards the end was a great little addition to it, imo. They need a better ending than the one they do every time, though.

I agree with that. I haven’t watched SNL for a while but I was pleasantly surprised that everything was funny. I liked the Firelight short and the Bunny Business.

Damn, I wish I had seen this episode. I have a huge celebrity crush on Taylor Swift (I’ve learned not mention that near my fiancee).

No offense to Taylor fans everywhere, as I thought she was a pretty good host, but her singing is seriously awful. She was all over the place, pitch-wise, and sounded more like she was talking than singing. I’m amazed at how popular she is given the fact that she clearly needs lots of production to sound good.

I’ll second this. She was badly off-key in both of her songs. To me it almost sounded like she was very nervous and having trouble as a result, which is weird considering that she should be used to playing huge crowds and whatnot.