Saving pictures in Windows XP

I recently upgraded to windows XP from ME, and am having a problem with saving pictures off the internet. In ME, I’d right click on a picture, choose save as, and it would automatically give the picture the proper name and extension. But when I right click save as on a picture in XP, it says the picture is “untitled.bmp” ( instead of .jpg or .gif like it’s supposed to be). I then have to go in and manually name it and give it the proper extension, which is rather anoying.

So I ask the collective genious of the SDMB, is there a way to fix this so that save as works properly? Or am I stuck with this, since it’s " working as intented" ?

Try clearing your IE cache: Right click on IE shortcut on desktop and select “Properties”. Then click “delete files” and make sure to check the “Delete all offline content” box in the next screen.

This KB article also recommends removing damaged items from the Downloaded Program Files folder.

Thaumaturge. Sometimes that happens regardless of the OS you are using.

Just a guess - it could be that the pictures are not making it to the internet explorer history, so windows doesn’t have a file from which to get the name (but it does have the picture in RAM or the swap file). Try fiddling with the settings for internet explorer history.

Thanks guys, deleting the files worked.