Say something genuinely nice about/to the previous poster

This one might sink like a stone, because a) it’s harder to say something that is both sincere and nice about random people than it is to, say, make up an outrageous lie about the previous poster, and b) it has to start with someone saying something nice about me.

And this isn’t just a cynical attempt to fish for compliments - I think it might actually be good - if a little saccharine - to find genuinely nice things to say about each other here.

Still, anyway, here goes: Respond with an entirely complimentary observation of some kind regarding the previous poster*.
If the previous poster happens to be someone you don’t know well, or at all (and to attempt to avoid the thread ending with someone thinking ‘nobody loves me’), you may substitute instead a wish (generic if necessary) for their wellbeing, a warm greeting or something of that nature.

*(I.e. no ‘you’re a complete ass sometimes but I love ya’)

Also, you may chime in to agree with other compliments, but you may not chime in with disagreement - if you wish to dispute someone’s compliment toward another member, just give yourself a great big well-deserved pat on the back for the feat of stoic restraint you’ll be performing by saying nothing at all.

So I’ll kick off by Saying that SentientMeat, you’ve never failed to impress me with the depth and thought-through-ness of your contributions here. It’s nice to see you posting again from time to time.

Mangetout presents his opinions in a thoughtful and articulate manner.

norinew is one of the most consistently pleasant posters I know. I’ve never heard him utter a snarky syllable, and he always expresses his good humour skillfully.

**Mangetout ** always posts thoughtful answers. By that I mean he/she obviously puts some serious thought in the answers, which makes them valuable to other Dopers, and always makes me think (sometimes pretty hard) about what he/she posts.

Sunrazor’s posts often make me smile & sometimes even laugh. Plus, you’ve got a cool username.

pssssst. I’m a girl-type doper.

I feel a friendly and comfortable feeling when I see the name norinew.
gigi, not fishing

Anaamika is self-confident, and flirty in a totally cool way (not with me, of course, as I’m a female, and therefore not her type :wink: )

Er…thanks? I try not to be as much anymore, unless I know the recipient enjoys it too. Flirty, that is, not self-confident. i try to be that whenever I can.

I have a feeling this thread is going to sink, though. I just think Dopers will feel posting in here will think it’s fishing for compliments. Which kind of sucks, it might have been a fun game.

Oh, and please don’t compliment me again! It’s…time for someone to compliment gigi now.

**Gigi ** has made me smile/laugh on numerous occasions. :smiley:

vetbridge has given a lot of important, helpful, useful information on these boards.

Zsofia called a snake “cute”. I think that was very nice, and I like her for it. :slight_smile:

That was a quick patch job. I thought I was the first respondent, and so was typing about Mangetout. My typing is excruciatingly slow, and so you snuck in before me.

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I edited in your name instead of his.


Ooops. Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

You seem to really care about your daughter. even to the point of taking a “tuff-love” approach. It’s hard to look at the long run vs the short run, but you seem to be doing that. Admirable.

**Noclueboy ** is kind to puppies and little old ladies :smiley:

I knew it! I am on everyone’s ignore list.

It couldn’t possibly be that there is nothing nice to be said about me. Could it?OK, maybe that’s it.

You may not post much, but you’ve definitely read my posts!
And …
You have a good sense of humor.

ETA: skip me and do Crot

Crotalus just gave me a warm fuzzy feeling about that cute little snake!

Crotalus, I had a reply for you all ready and my internet crapped out.

You are an articulate poster and seem to have a very good sense of humor. You don’t take yourself too seriously. I like that. :slight_smile: