Say something or no?

Ok, here’s the story
I was getting my food in the caf yesterday, and was standing next to a rather attractive girl with a excessive amount of gravy(I’m talking a LOT of gravy) on a small amount of mashed potatoes. Well, me being the conversational kinda guy, I said, “Wow, somebody who eats gravy like I do”. She then proceeded to not even acknowledge my existence, which left me with my ego in the potatoes, and the goofiest grin on my face as I stared at her. Now the question is: Should I have said something in reply to my being ignored such as, “Welp, see ya later”, or “Nice talkin to ya” rather loud to keep a little dignity, or just look away and eat it like I did.
P.S. - Please be gentle, I already get it enough from my roommate

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As Rafiki said, “Who cares, it is in the past.” Just tell your friends to piss off, at least you tried to break the ice.

True enough Kvallulf, but I’m the type that would have smiled and said, well nice talking to you. Not a biggie, but subtle enough to let them know they were rude.

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I’m with Canadian Sue on this one. You tried a lighthearted conversation starter and she was plain rude.

And as far as your friends go, phooey on 'em. Armchair quarterbacking is the easiest thing around.

Probably doesn’t feel like it, but the haughty lass with the gravy fetish is the one who should feel shame, not you.


Well Wozman you can look at it in different ways. Here stands this really attractive girl. She has doused her potatoes with gravy. You make your comment about the gravy and she’s thinking to herself…oh no…here’s this really cute guy and all he can say is how much gravy I have…he must really think I’m Miss Piggy. She may have actually thought that you were cute…but your remark caught her so off guard that she didn’t know what to say back. I’ve seen that happen before. Then again she may just be a b*** and not deserving of your time or attention. I would have handled it exactly the way that you did. Anything else said to her would have only made her think you really cared what she thought.

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Never thought about it that way. Thanks for the pick-up!!

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I think honesty is important here, so indulge me for a sec.

If someone came up to me a propo nothin’ and said “Wow, somebody who eats gravy like I do”, I’d probably say “Wow, someone who needs their dosage of Paxil lowered.”

IMHO, it’s a horrible idea to point out anything quantitative about the food a woman is eating. This is a gender that stereotypically tends to order salads on a first date so as “not to look like a pig.”

Of course, I personally prefer women who are not only confident enough to order a steak, they’re tough enough to slaughter the cow to get to it. But I digress.

Don’t worry so much about it. In the future, just make sure your pickup line does not involve gravy. Every one of us here has said something royally goofy to an attractive stranger. Those who’ve never looked like a fool are those who’ve never taken any initiative.

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I probably would have come back with something along the lines of, “Hmm… In fact, I’ve had more scintillating conversation with gravy before.”

I’m sure Ii would have wound up with gravy on my HEAD, but it would have at least got the point across! :slight_smile:

Yer pal,

Dude, you definitely should have said something. I’m not saying you should have laced into her, but you should have something. Anything. Maybe “Yeah, too much gravy made my grandma deaf, too.”
or try to recover:
“I didn’t just say that out loud did I? Damn, and I bet you would have answered me if I said something suave like ‘Hi,’.”
Of course, I have a girlfriend who loves me for the jack-ass that I am, so how to pick up chics is not advice you want from me. Noonch.

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Just a note from a very shy person:
Usually if someone I don’t know says something in my direction, I assume that they are not talking to me. I’m so good at this that often, I actually do not hear the person. To be honest, I’m terrified that either you are talking to me and I’ll have to think of a response, or you aren’t talking to me, in which case a response on my part would make me look like a fool.

So what should you have done? I think you should have made another comment. Not a terribly cross one, but something. If it were me, I probably would have realized by the second comment that you were talking to me, and returned some embarrassed apology about not responding before.


I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

Thanks guys, this is really making me feel a lot better. I actually saw this girl again this morning at the bus stop outside my hall. She was talking to a friend, so I didn’t want to go over there

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Bwahahahaha! This one, I like. But what the hell does “Noonch” mean?

And Cess? I’m confused. How can you be shy and a slut at the same time? Seriously.

It’s like my grandma allways said… why buy the cow when you can get the sex for free?

Noonch is a lot like Snoogans or Bickety Bam! Hope that helps.
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Don’t take it to heart, maybe she plain just didn’t hear you.

I think Cessandra has hit it on the head. And I hate to discourage creativity, but shy people handle conventional conversation openers (“Hi, I’m so-and-so, aren’t you in my math class”) much better than original ones. Honestly, if I were the recipient of such a remark, I’d probably go into a moment of panic because I couldn’t think of anything appropriate to say about gravy, and end up saying nothing at all.

Go ahead and talk to her again, she probably felt at least as embarrassed as you did.

This is dead-on right, and I’d bet anything this was the problem. Gravy is one of those things a lot of women think they shouldn’t eat, and she may very likely have been worrying that someone would make a comment about it. Then you made the comment she’d been dreading!

You didn’t do anything wrong with your cheery remark, but this is an issue where there are Buttons to be Pushed. She may very well have interpreted your remark as a comment on her weight, whether or not she was at all fat.

Food is a ridiculously complicated issue for many women, especially young ones. While she should have replied just to be civil, you probably freaked her out fairly thoroughly --she may never eat gravy in public again.

Or am I projecting from my own pre-fat-acceptance days?

Catrandom, fat woman who does not fear to eat a Snickers bar in public (anymore)

Of course, it’s also possible that her boyfriend’s name is “Davy,” she misunderstood what you said and you totally freaked her out.

When you saw her talking later, she was saying to her friends, “Oh, my God, here’s that guy who I think is doing my boyfriend!”

Eve, you’re a goofball.

“Someone who eats gravy like I do”

Obviously a line rife with connotations. Add gravy to the list of words that are ruined for me.


Is it any wonder the poor innocent girl was shocked? On the other hand, since bad boys is popular, she might have a secret crush on you now. Carpe diem! Pursue your advantage.

I have to agree with Cessandra on this one. That sort of thing happens to me enough to recognize it when I see it. Of course, she might not be shy at all, as there is the problem of appropriate response. Somehow, “I like gravy” doesn’t quite seem to cut it, and beating a strategic retreat would definitely save her a lot of trouble. Try again sometime. Just don’t say “Hi, remember me? I’m the weirdo who likes gravy!”

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