Say up the screwing.

A friend regularly says: Six of one a dime a dozen. He swears I’m the only one to have ever noticed, but I suspect I’m the only one who has bothered to call him on it.

It’s no skin off the back of my nose.

It’s six and a half of one and a half a baker’s dozen of the other.

Lucy lefty, tighty whiteys.

Half of one, six dozen of the other.

It’s not the heat; it’s the humanity.

Never put your money where your mouse is.

Does the pope shit in the woods? Is a bear Catholic?

That’s a horse of a different kettle of fish!

it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity!

There’s many a cup betwixt lip and slip.

Leaffan was kind enough to send me a PM, noting that I have not posted that much lately.

I think, as I am 85, he was wondering if I was still among the living. Well, I am. Barely.

For many years I got my daily fix by browsing through GQ, IMHO and here. So much great knowledge, wisdom and humor.

My stupid back is acting up again, so it has not been possible for me to sit at the computer long enough to more than glance through GP, and now and then ask a question that Google could not. Of course, I always got answers, some even being correct. :smiley:

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, and those of you who were nutty to go out shopping, I trust you lived to tell the tale.

In fact, as long as I am blathering along, how about everybody recounting their shopping experiences on Black Friday. Why anybody would go out and shop that day is beyond me, but there you have it.

Me, I only go shopping anytime if my wife sedates me and then drags me out.

That’s one sayed-up screwing!

sometimes I have more than one window open and forget what thread I’m posting it…not saying that’s happened to anyone, just saying it could. :smiley:

What a nice pithy way of stating it. I ought to quote that the next time someone claims that it’s so much better to not pay off your home mortgage because of the interest deduction, when they don’t take into account that the interest you are saving is effectively “tax deductible” too, in a way. (Of course there’s the dual considerations of possibly getting better returns elsewhere, and having to do better than the standard deduction to get any benefit at all, but the interest deduction is what people always bring up.)

Thanks for checking in, it’s good to know you’re still above the ground.

You’re only as old as your fields.

Came to post a variation of this. I regularly mix-and-match the following three sayings, mostly to drive my wife crazy:

Does the pope wear a funny hat?
Is a frog’s ass waterproof?
Does a bear shit in the woods?

I’m also recently using “tomato/potato” but if she’s noticed yet she hasn’t let on.

I’d think “does the pope wear a frog’s ass?” would be pretty noticable. :smiley:

Either I’m missing something, or you did. :slight_smile:

I first heard the “tomato/potato” one from Jason Mewes - he said, “Tomayto, potahto - wait, I screwed that up, didn’t I? What the hell is wrong with me?” :smiley:

“Does a frog’s ass wear a funny hat?”
“Does a bear shit in a funny hat?”
“Is the pope’s ass waterproof?”

I love these!

“How high is up? What is the sound of one hand clapping? Is the pope catholic? We don’t know these things.”

Said by me to many patients when they ask unanswerable questions.

How long is a piece of string?