Say whaaatttt???

Forum rules for the BBQ Pit.***
“The BBQ pit is the forum for…complaining about the board, its moderators or the moderating actions…”

No trolling.
“…if we feel your primary reason for being here is to complain about the board and/or the moderators, you may be invited to go find another board…”

OK, I’m confused which one is it, to complain or not to complain?:confused:

You may be my favorite poster on this board. Your stuff’s comedy gold–it’s gold, Jerry, gold!

You may now go look up the word primary.

I guess he does make you look marginally smarter.

Oh, snap!

I wouldn’t get too attached. I think the current over/under on his career is 1 week.

You know, stucky. Like primary school.

Oops, I’m sorry. I forgot you never graduated from there.

Love that ellipsis, huh?
I’d say that you were being obtuse deliberately, but given your other posts, I’m not sure.

I’m not entirely sure if this (i.e., the actual words, minus the intent) is really an insult. But just to be safe I’ll go ahead and call you a jerkface.

Well, you can’t be too terribly smart if you aren’t capable of understanding that those two things taken together obviously mean, “If you must complain, do so in the Pit; if you’re here mainly to complain, don’t bother.” They are in no way mutually exclusive or contradictory.

Nice replies geeks, but why don’t you answer the valid question? I know I’m not bright, but I did gradiate the 6th grade.

Answered. ^^^^

That makes as much sense as saying, “If you must pee, do so in the bathroom; If you’re here mainly to pee, don’t bother”

There is such a thing as being too smart.

I don’t think that’s something you’ll have to worry about.

How about, “if you need to pee the washrooms over there; if youre gonna stay in there all night hogging the fucking thing then quit wasting space and go elsewhere?”

It’s really not that complicated. I give him 5 days


Because you act an awful lot like a troll. You might just be stupid, unfunny and irritating, but at some point it may become a moot point.

Tip: don’t post random blather when you don’t have anything to say. Also, try not to be so stupid all the time.



Hope it sounded right, what with my western PA accent and all.

That makes perfect sense. Think of this message board as a dinner party to which you have been invited. If you need to piss, go to the bathroom. But if you came here with the intent of spending all evening pissing on the table, the food, the guests, the hosts… then FUCK OFF.

I think the owner of a coffee shop or a bookstore would sound perfectly sensible saying that, don’t you?

I’ve complained an awful lot more than many people here, and more than a few people have been banned for complaining far less than I’ve complained. Complaining isn’t why I’m here, but when I do it, I (99.9% of the time, at least) know to do it here.

What are you, some kinda rocket surgeon?