Say whaaatttt???

Retired cop dontcha know?

You weren’t talking to me, were you?

He might as well have been, you vastly overpriced English SUV, you…

You and the OP, yes.

I hate the word “overpriced” by the way. It implies that there’s a price something “should” be. It’s a way to argue that your preferences more conform to objective reality than other people’s preferences (see also most uses of the terms “morally wrong/right” and “moral obligation”).

Sorry for the hijack. Back to your regularly scheduled . . . whatever the hell we’re doing in this thread.

So you somehow thought that I didn’t already understand what you said in the post I quoted before you posted that? Truly your dumbassery know no bounds.

Also, hope you didn’t burn yourself in the fry grease at work today, chump.

Playing Whack-a-Troll

No, but I do suspect so now. However, I’ll be charitable and assume that, because it’s such a little word, you simply overlooked “if.”

Dude, one of us is looking like a dumbass here, and it’s not me. I don’t see anything I posted in this thread that would support a belief that I agreed with the OP’s reading of the rules. And if you weren’t an idiot yourself you wouldn’t even entertain the idea that I could agree with the OP’s reading.

I admit, I’m beginning to have my doubts.

I like you.


At the time I posted, I had already read your reply in post #2 which said only, “You may be my favorite poster on this board.” I suspect you know this, but again I’ll be charitable and assume you just forgot that you went back and edited it, to make your point clearer. I know you edited it before I posted, but I had no reason to go back and read the post a second time.

You leave me no choice QED.


Suck on some of that!

OK stucky, let us put this in perspective.

Just forget about the rules and regulations, and the loopholes that can be potentially exploited. Forget all the policies, the preferences, the guidelines, and suggestions. Pretend they don’t exist. Pretend this message board is complete anarchy and free range. There are no mods to slap your wrist when you say something naughty. You are ban proof.

We present to you Poster A. Poster A complains about SDMB all the time. He rarely talks about anything else. Complain, complain, complain. Bitch, gripe, complain. Waah waah waah.

Wouldn’t Poster A be one really boring one-trick-pony asshole? Who wants to see that?

Now, we have Poster B, who’s well-rounded, talks about a variety of subjects, is for the most part genial, but does not suffer fools and injustice gladly. If the SDMB mods do something Poster B doesn’t like, he calls them out in the Pit. But he doesn’t ALWAYS complain. Poster B therefore maintains an interesting presence on the boards.

That’s what those rules are trying to do. Steer you away from being Poster A and towards Poster B.

OK, I did my public service that will be promptly ignored. Carry on.

He’s also a former miner. And a 65-year-old married guy who has a roommate and brings home chicks to “bang” including many threesomes despite the fact that he seems to doubt ‘geezers’ can get hard. He brags of getting turned on by a thread, refers to tuna as smelling like an old girlfriend, and despite being a newbie of two days, enters a thread and comments about ‘the usual idiots’ posting there.

Trolly Mctroll, says I. Even if not, he’s certainly an all-round chamer.

Thanks for pointing that out; ignorance fought! If he’s not a troll, he, at least, lives under a bridge.

Didn’t this use to be Goofus and Gallant in Hilights?

I don’t argue that.

I simply accept it. :smiley:

Very nice choie, thanks for that…