Say whaaatttt???

While the OP is the sort to appear in a picture with the caption “Obvious Troll is Fail” or “Obvious Troll is Obvious”, I’ll actually answer his question. (A 65 year old man who says, “Say whaaaaat?” C’mon.)

A heckler comes to a show just to be a public asshole. A critic shows up to a show, watches it peacefully and quietly, and after it has ended and he has digested the content, if he thought it was a pile of shit, he’ll write a scathing review.

So if you have a critique of something, go ahead. If you’re just here to bask in the glory of being an anonymous asshole on the internet then don’t expect to have a long career here.

Do you seriously not get it?

You can complain about the SDMB in the BBQ Pit. But if you’re mostly just participating in the SDMB to complain about it, then don’t bother.

To run with your analogy: If you’re in the convenience store to buy something, you can also use their restroom. But if you’re just there to use the restroom, tough luck. Restrooms are for customers only.

Another thread where I need to apologize. I have offended so many people it’s a good thing it’s not a hanging offence. I did not come here to offend anyone. I read Cecil’s questions and answers which he answered with wit, humor, sarcasm and intelligence. Then I read a number of threads and their answers and thought I’d hit the jackpot, a website where you can have social discorce and ask questions or state your feelings about things with humor, honesty and sometimes sarcasm, without offending people. I hated chatrooms because they are like a roomful of people all talking at the same time. I’m not always the brightest bulb in the pack. I make lots of clerical mistakes because I had secretaries to do the typing for me for about the last 20 years. I am 65, I did once work in a lead mine in the Ozarks (while working a second job as a deputy sheriff). I started police work at the age of 22 as a patrolman in St. Louis County, Missouri, later joined the highway patrol and spent the last 15 years as a criminal investigator in charge of a 20 county region in Missouri. I had no intentions to “troll” (something you all seem to be hung up on). Many of you folks cuss at posters, insult them and generally act like immature asses that have too high opinions of yourselves. When I tried using humor in some of my postings, you all took everything too seriously. Many of you are very intelligent, more so than I, but many of you just think you are. Unfortunately, I’ve found that this site isn’t much different than a chat room and it’s too hard to answer postings just as it is to answer in a chat room. In case someone missed the fact that I’m an old man, I’ll say it again. The brain doesn’t work like it used to (that’s why God invented retirement) and I’m just not as sharp as you young folks (and before you get mad, not as smart as many of you older folks too).

Again, I am sorry to have offended you all and I will desert this website. It’s a lot more fun letting my lovely wife tell me I’m a silly old fool than hearing the way you folks all say it (&%#!@%*&$!!!). Wow, I never intended to say that much, sorry again. God bless you all and try to have fun, without drawing blood of course.

No, wait! Come back! We’re sorry!

Just kidding! See? More humor!

Maybe, stucky, there’s some kind of middle ground between doing things that will earn you a bad “reputation,” and “deserting” this website. You’ve been a member for, what, three days? There were other people who had a rocky start here but managed to right the ship.

What’s wrong with his use of the elllllipsis?

Did you conduct your studies in a convectional school?

If you don’t see Marley posting for the next half hour, you know what he is doing.

I think this thread is a very good illustration of something that isn’t always immediately apparent to some people who start posting here. The SD is something of an exclusive club. You have to fit in with some - largely unspoken - rules. There is an entrance exam you have to take before you’re accepted. If you’re not accepted, the consequences can be quite brutal. What is said here quite often wouldn’t be said in real life - because it wouldn’t be seen as socially acceptable. And some dopers judge how the pittee reacts to the pitting as some sort of initiation test: if you can’t take it, you’re not worthy of the Dope. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity, and some people might be deeply wounded by the insults thrown at them here.

Reading the Dope, you come across posts and comments by long term Dopers that are pretty much of the level of erudition of **stucky’s ** contributions. If you are new, you see only the froth, see that no-one is objecting, and believe that you will fit in. What might not be immediately apparent is that those silly/coarse/meaningless comments are a small part of a larger, more worthwhile canon.

stucky, from what I’ve seen from the posts linked to, comes across as a type of character that I’ve come across in life. But I - and others here - are judging his entire character from a handful of (mostly) one line posts. I think that his ‘apology’ post below adds a whole new better layer to his perceived character.

Some people’s characters and posting styles are just not suited to the ethos of this board. But all too often a kangaroo court assembles and blows the shit out of anyone that doesn’t take their fancy. This board is elitist in the sense that members have to be above a certain level of intelligence and social behaviour to be considered acceptable. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing - the opposite, in fact; just that when the time comes for someone to be castigated, it just seems to be done in the terms and style that the pittee is being accused of.

Yeah. Sorry I spoiled the next issue for you.

Sleeping for once? :wink:

Bottom line here, I think: stucky came on too strong, and in some places, he came on WAY too strong. If he pulls back a little and listens some more, I think people will give him a chance. We’ll see what happens.

I think part of the problem is that many posters start out by lurking for some time before actually registering and beginning to post, so they already have a good idea of what the board is about, what the culture is (and are aware that it varies from forum to forum), who are the “old hands” who can toss off a quick insult safely because everyone knows that it’s just a joke, and all the rest of the background scenery, but not everyone does this. Someone who enthusiastically jumps in with both feet right away can rub regulars the wrong way without realizing it.

stucky, As a police officer I’m sure you have a good grasp of the law. Try reading some of the guestions in GQ pertaining to that and responding to them. The pit is hard place where anything goes.

As a police officer I’m sure that you are used to making decisions quickly and in real life, when you’re on the spot, that’s the way to go. Here, not so much. Something that has helped me has been composing a reply and waiting for a few minutes then going back over it. Doesn’t hurt to check and see what others have posted either.

I read in one of your posts about you spending time on other message boards where everyone talks over everyone else. Here that will only get you bagged on. People here value knowledge far more than they value what’s in your heart but this is only a message board.

Personally, I think he blew his cover when he used the phrase “the usual idiots” in a political thread. suggesting someone who was already quite familiar with the board and some of its members.

Let him retire to a private place, and there make sacrifices to the jackal-headed god Anewbies. Then his sins are no more, and he may start afresh. If he fucks up again, he’s crocodile chow.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Can’t say fairer than that.

So stucky gets to stay but jessesheeran is still banned. We’re on BizzaroDope.

Yeah, surprisingly, a guy who apologizes and shows some understanding of what’s going on is better thought of than a guy who posts incoherently and then starts posting as a sock.


How many new folks do we get around here who’s story is something like, “I’ve been reading for a couple years and finally decided to sign up,”?

Fair enough, and may be true, regarding stucky. But also true; smart trolls learn to apologize when it looks like they might be getting into hot water, too. Lets 'em stay around longer to troll another day.

Oh, also, care to comment on this?

Troll, troll, troll your boat…OK, maybe at best he’s like the Walter Mitty of the boards.

And do many of them start out insta-trolling, or have their years of lurking given them some vague insight about how to write a post? Can’t have it both ways - if he’s familiar enough with the board to have formed negative opinions about some of the users, he’s familiar enough to know how the Pit works and has no need for all this mock-shock.