Say What Now? [Receiving notifications from SDMB]

Despite being on computers for many years, I remain clueless about many things.

I am receiving “notifications” here in SD. I don’t know what they mean or what I’m supposed to do about them, but I worry that my seeming to ignore them will offend someone. I don’t want to do that. So please forgive if I appear to ignore your messages.

Thank you. That’s all.

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General Questions Moderator

You may receive automatic notifications if you have subscribed to a thread when there are new posts, when you receive a PM, or you have received a warning. The only one that would be of concern is the last one.

What are the notifications about? The default thread subscription mode is “Do not subscribe.” If you have inadvertently turned on notifications, you can change this by clicking on “User CP” [Control Panel] in the upper left of the first line of the page. Go to “Settings and Options” and click “Edit Options.” Go to “Default Thread Subscription Mode,” where you can change the option so you do not receive notifications.