Sayings you didn't realize were obscene

I know eh, when I was little I thought “frig” was just “not saying fuck” and “bugger” was an annoying person (like when someone bugs you.) Until I was like 10 and reading “Truly Tasteless Jokes” books - learned a lot from those I tell ya.

The word “fag” was popular when I was in Grade 3, we had no idea what it was short for or what it meant.

My then-boyfriend once called his buddy a “diddler” and nearly got his ass kicked. He thought it just meant “silly person” or something.

While most will be familiar with the term a baby’s arm holding an apple, I wonder how many folks will get that your post refers to lyrics from the song What Do You Want From Life? by the Tubes?

What? It just means jewels…

It’s my opinion that both “screw” and “sucks” are getting less obscene over time. I’ve heard “screwing” in the sense of “messing around” on more than one occasion. And “sucks” seems to fill a hole in the language that no other word can fill nearly as well. A lot of people these days seem to use it in the sense of “that’s a really unlucky thing/situation.”

Interesting. According to etymonline, it seems that it first started out as a general euphamism for fucking, and then specifically masturbating:

Looks like we’ve come full circle here in the US.

When you’re a kid watching “Monty Python” or “Austin Powers,” certain vile or vulgar British phrases tend to sound quaint, even cute.

Imagine a little American kid who puts on a fake British accent and says to a girl, “Fancy a shag, baby?” He thinks he’s saying something harmlessly naughty, NOT something repulsively dirty. But it really means, “Wanna fuck?”

To an American kid, “Bleeding wanker” sounds more cute than obscene, even though it’s exactly the same as calling somebody, “a fucking jackoff.”

“Putz” means “dick” but as noted above “schmuck” means jewels, i.e. family jewels.

I once used the Yiddish word Shiksa at work in front of my Chassidic boss. He told me never to use it again in the store, and explained its origin. I don’t use it anywhere now.

For all you candy eaters, “Oh, fudge” was originally a euphemism for “Oh, fuck.”

When someone’s name won’t come to mind and you say things like “whatshisname” and “whosherface” I used to say “dingleberry” until someone told me it means bits of toilet paper and poo stuck to your anus.

I always thought it referred to Richard Cromwell, who spent a short, uncomfortable time as King of England.

Yeah, it’s really tragic, unfortunate, sad, and pitiful that no other word in the English language can otherwise convey “that’s a really unlucky thing/situation” as well as ‘sucks’.

I’ve heard the same idea conveyed by “That really blows.” Can something such and blow at the same time? :smiley:


I used to use “blew your wad” and I honestly had never thought about what it might be based on. :smack: Someone said how they hate it so I now refrain from using it.

:smack:Right over my head.:smiley: I’ve heard of the Tubes but don’t even know what type of music they play.
I was wondering out loud what kinda drugs the poster was on and if they were something I could afford:D:cool:


Never had much use for the word before I was employed after college, so I didn’t consider the origins.

It’s a commonly used phrase for a media scrum where everyone is jostling for position for a shot or interview. Most of the time we actually try to be considerate of each other up to the point we can maintain our own shot. Still it gets awfully cozy (my lens on a reporter’s head who’s crouching down holding a microphone, right arm against the face of the photog to my right, left arm against the camera of the guy on my left, a still photog climbing up my back to get his shot…)

So it’s a gang of people, and we’re all banged up together.

Never occurred to me there was any other meaning.

As far as I know, the origin of the phrase is fairly innocent, but, yeah…

The reverse is best illustrated by this column from Unca Cecil. The word “crap” began innocently enough, from the name of Sir Thomas Crapper, inventor of the flush toilet.

To call someone a “heel” is short for “shit heel”.

Not according to Wiki:

That’s not exactly what the column says.