Scarlet, previously unreleased Rolling Stones track

Recorded in 1974, with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page sitting in on guitar.

Coolness factor - 10

Any notes as to why it was never released?

It was recorded as a demo. It wasn’t meant to be released on an album. It will appear on the reissue of Goat Head’s Soup.

I like it, nice find.

It’s okay. I do like the rhythm guitar; it sounds like they let a very young Andy Gill sit in. :smile:

Wow, first Neil Young’s ‘lost’ Homegrown album gets released, and now this. I wonder how many other unreleased mid-70’s gems are still out there?

That’s quite the hijack there solost.

The Stones song sounds ok, better than most of what was released on GHS. Which is pretty much the album where they started to run out of good ideas.

Was that a hijack? It’s a coincidentally related topic-- two musical acts who were big in the 70s and are still active and well-regarded to this day release previously unreleased songs this month that were recorded in 1974.

If it was a hijack, I apologize to the OP.

Cliff ‘Cosmo’ Clifford just released an album he’s had in the can for years. So there’s that…

Simple and straightforward but good, I’m liking Jimmy Page on this song.

Another archival gem, Criss Cross, circa 1972 with the old lineup. I quite like it.