Scars are cool.

So, just out of curiosity, what scars do you have (and I’m not talking emotional scars, this post would be WAY too long if everyone started posting those).

Me…well, I’ve got a lot all over my face from various trips down my parents’ hard wood stairs on the way to the cement basement floor from when I was a child. Most of them are unnoticeable now because they needed few stitches, but I have a fairly noticeable one on my forehead where I banged myself pretty hard once. Several on my lower lip, but the kind of little white ones you need to look for to see.
I also have a noticeable on on my left cheek from when I was two. My parents would drop me off at a “Nanny” for the day, and she had this nice dalmation. Apparently, one day I found a toy the dog was sleeping on to be too tempting not to play with, and he found my face too tempting not to stuff in his mouth. I don’t remember much of the incident, except for staring down the dog’s throught. I still like dogs a lot, nonetheless.
I’ve got two little ones on my stomach from a double hernia opperation when I was a child.
And I have a scar that grows :slight_smile: I got it from killing a bear with my bare hands while protecting my family on a camping trip when I was eight. Honestly, I have no idea where I got it, but it’s my excuse for being seemingly “less than average” (Thanks all you Penis Poll posters [lying bastards]). It may not be gigantic, but it’s got personality.
Aside from a few more from animal bites and car door attacks, I’m pretty much intact. You?

Lessee, for starters I’ve got a nice face gash from a bike wreck, going from below the nose to under the chin, a 2 inch gash on my leg where I was stabbed during a fight, 2 scars on my right hand where I put it through a glass door, but my most memorable is a scar on the littlebee, caused by my ex’s gold necklace.

I got these when I was a kid.

I had a plastic surgeon put me back together so the scarring is minimal.

Nothing as interesting as Mel Gibson in Lethal weapon but here goes…

Left hand, index and middle finger - caused by the fact I don’t hit as well with my left as I do my right.

Left shoulder - barbed wire.

Left wrist - bike fender when I was 5, it’s three inches long and encircled my entire wrist when it happened.

Right forearm - bite scar… human. This one really hurt.

Chin - hobby horse when I was five.

I am so pale some of these aren’t even noticeable until I get what passes for a tan.

Left eyebrow - stereo speaker. This one came with a comlimentary concussion.

Top of right foot - post with nail spike… this made me realize what crucifixion would be like. Not pretty, especially the blood poisioning that followed.

And then there’s that vasectomy scar which I can’t see but know is there… :slight_smile:

Let’s see…ah yes, I have a scar on the back of my leg that’s hard to see when I stepped on a stick in the woods and the other end scratched me…I have a scar on my ankle where it met a chain link fence…I have a random scar or two from shaving my legs…ouch! The most infamous scar of them all is on my right elbow. In the 5th grade, I was running to catch up with my class and fell on the wet pavement…elbow first of course. I managed to not tear up my jacket or shirt but I did I fine job on the elbow. I really needed stitches but I didn’t get any. So I ended up with a raised one inch scar that’s all wrinkly and stuff. I even named it. Yes, my infamous scar’s name is…The Brain!

I don’t have any really cool scars. Just remarkably pathetic ones. I have a scar on my left thumb from the time I sliced it open on a can lid. Then, I have one deep scar next to my right knee where I managed to cut myself on the railing in my house. There’s also several small scars all around my knee from the time I fell and broke a hole in the fiberglass tub my family had just had put into our bathroom. It was a very ragged hole and it scratched my knee to bits without me realizing it.

I think I have a tiny scar on my left middle finger from the time I was peeling a cucumber and the knife slipped. I did cut myself there, but I can’t tell if the little white line there is a scar or just something weird.


Oooh boy, my wife’s gonna have to post in this thread!!

Before she does though, I’ll tell you mine:

On my scalp - after being stabbed in the head (which explains a hell of a lot)

Left eybrow - running into a wall when I was 3 or 4.

Right side of my neck - 2 or 3 inches long. I had an operation to remove a lymph gland.

Running from my right armpit to my chest is a 4 inch scar - Backhanded as a kid by someone with a hang-nail.

Numerous little scars on my torso caused by me finding a razor when I was about 3 and thinking it would be a good idea to shave my chest.

One that runs along the knuckles of left hand - Prying something open with a knife when it slipped. Bone looks kinda funny.

Couple on my right hand from punching through a pane of glass.

Normal ones left over from skinning my knees as a kid.

2-3 inch scar on the top of my head, received in a car accident when I was 16.

[right hand/arm]
3 different scars on my middle finger. One from gutting a deer and the knife slipping, one on the first knuckle caused by a glass jar exploding and one on the second knuckle that I got pushing a branch out of the way while horse riding.

On top of the hand/wrist is an 8 inch scar that runs from the knuckle down to my forearm. Metal plate. 7 screws. Long story.

On the thumb side of the wrist is a “>” shaped scar, about 4 inches long, where pins were put in during my first wrist fusion.

On the underside of my wrist is another “>” shaped scar where they released the carpal nerve type thingy.

Crook of my elbow is a 2 inch scar where nerves were rearranged by the same doctors who did my wrist.
[/right hand/arm]

Appendix scar.

One scar over each iliac crest (Hip bone) - one for each of my wrist fusion operations, to retrieve bone marrow.

Left knee has a scar; I crashed my motorbike and dislocated my knee. About 2-3 weeks later a piece of bone that had chipped off worked its way out. Weird.

Left lickle toe has a scar from cutting it as a kid on a piece of lava rock. (Nearly cut that puppy off)

On the back of my right calf is an 8 inch long scar from a slight leg shaving accident.

There’s probably more but it’s late, I’m tired and I can’t be bothered to go put the light on to check. :slight_smile:

I’ve just got the usual kid-falling-down ones, but my boyfriend has a lot of little ones on his face and head and a long, furrowed one of the top of his scalp from rolling a car nine times and surviving. He shaves his head, and yes, the one on his scalp is tres cool. With his height, the shaved head and his steel-toed boots, the scar makes him look really badass…although he’s one of the sweetest and funniest people I know, lol.

I have a scar on my right wrist from when I punched a window.

When I was about four we had a bitch cat from hell named Bebet. She whacked me across the face one day, and I went crying to my mom, but then refused to let her touch it or clean it. So now I have a little crescent shaped scar across my left cheek.

I went through a self-mutilation phase when I was younger. I was too chickenshit to cut myself, so instead I’d scratch my flesh untill it bled. Good times. I made my way all up and down my arms and legs, but generally only once per location, so most of the scars have faded away. But I did my left wrist enough times that I still have a pink smudge of a scar over the blue of the viens.

A few years ago I was at a beach on the shore of Lake Superior. I was barefoot and was leaping from one boudler to another. The stone I landed on had some small sharp ridge, and I got a wide, deep gash along the side of my right foot. Didn’t hurt that much but it bled like hell. This is my most visible scar, and it’s my favorite, too, because it’s my forever-souvenier of Lake Superior.

Inch-and-a-half long scar on the back of my right hand caused by an ad-hoc javelin thrown at me.

I have three, maybe four, smallpox vaccination scars, forming a crescent along my left deltoid. My mother says I jumped and they had to keep trying.

Aaah. Scars. I’ve got a few little incidental scars here and there, burns, knife cuts, etc etc.
I think those are just a part of growing up.
I have a granddaddy i’d like to share. In december i had a bilateral lung transplant.
The results are here, first, with the staples still in:
The second is after i was discharged and shows part of the scar, and my lovely underarm:
The light scar on my upper right pec is from a chest tube i had back about 10 years ago for a pneumothorax. The three dot type scars on my left shoudler near my collarbone and the series of spots on my bicep are from PICC lines.

You want scars? Oh…I got scars.

From way-back-when (4yrs old):

  1. Upper lip, badly burned. Required reconstructive skin grafts. Still visible (noticable in particular because I lack a philtrum).
  2. Lower lip, badly burned (drinking acid will do that). Same as above, except the part about the philtrum.
  3. Neck, right side, running from just below my ear to the pit of my throat. From esophageal replacement. Later expanded, since this is where they got the skin grafts for my lips.
  4. Chest, left side. Burn scar, about the size of my fist.
  5. From just below sternum to just below navel. Surgical scar, from a variety of internal work, not the least of which involved the replacement in #3, as well as poking some holes in my stomach so that I could be fed through a tube.
  6. A few inches to the left of my navel, surgical scar where they ran the aforementioned tube.
  7. Right abdomen, just above my hip. Surgical scar of unknown nature. Guess they figured they’d remove my appendix or something while they had me split open.
  8. Running around my right shoulder blade, and onto my side. Another surgical scar, which my current doctor informs me was how they used to do esophageal replacements way-back-when. Not sure what they did about the ribs, though…
  9. Left leg, from knee down to toes. Burn scars. They glow bright red after a hot shower. I don’t wear shorts (and haven’t voluntarily since I was 4) as a result.
  10. Right leg. Same as above.
  11. Left hand. Small burn scar.

Various assorted scars that I’ve accumulated since:
12) Right ear lobe split in half. Stitched back together poorly, so now the upper half is slightly offset from the lower half.
13) Thumb of right hand, just below nail. Knife wound. Cut to the bone.
14) Index finger of right hand, second phalanx. Continuation of same wound as #12. Still have nerve damage between scar and tip of finger.
15) Middle finger, on the second knuckle. Further continuation of same wound as #12 and #13.
16) Index finger of left hand, middle of first phalanx. Carved a chunk out with a bread knife. The chunk was still hanging on by a small flap, so rather than yank it off and be left with a permanent divot, I pushed it back in and have a permanent scar instead.
17) Right foot, along the arch. Surgical scar from aborted foot surgery.
18) Right foot, just under outside ankle. Another scar from the same aborted foot surgery.

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head.
And #12 and #16 are the only scars that were a direct result of my own clumsiness.

I just have 2:

One on my forehead, about an inch below the hairline, right side. Horizontal about half an inch, then slightly downward about half an inch. Got that one when I was about 8 and a neighbor kid threw a toy motorcycle at his brother and missed. 8 stitches, IIRC. It’s just obvious enough to be kick-ass, but small enough to not draw too much attention to itself.

The other is very small, on my lower lip. Just maybe a quarter of an inch long, only shows when I smile and you’re looking for it. Boating accident of some kind when I was really young.

scar on my lip from when I flew over the handle bars of my Hellwheel, and I like to lick it, 'cause it reformed almost perfectly, but a bit harder, which is kinda fun 'cause I’m a “cunning linguist.”

a 2 inch slice across my right eyebrow when Brent Weber took a swing at a softball about 2 seconds early and hit the ball on the back swing, knocking it right into the catcher’s (me) face.

A few three inchers on my right bicep when I thought it would be cool to cut myself with a hunting knife and then tell people I was abducted by aliens.

One on my left ring finger from when I reached into the bathroom drawer and slid said finger across mom’s razor. It’s really white, and freaks me out because no matter how tan I get in the summer, it stays white.

Two star-shaped ones on my left middle and ring fingers from running into a brick wall with a rubber ball in my arm - age 10.

Scars upon scars on both knees from motorcycle/bicycle crashes.

A scar on the right ventral side of my member from zipping up too quickly so I wouldn’t miss the movie.

Right thumb - playing speed scales on trombone, slide came out, thumb went in between slide and horn, slide comes back in, blood everywhere. Right behind the nail too, so it hurt like a sumbitch.

Reconstructive knee surgery left me with two thick pink scars, one just above my knee, the other just below.

One on my right thigh from whittling on wet wood. It’s eye shaped and kinda creepy looking. I didn’t get it stitched, so it healed over with the skin just kinda open like that. It looked real gross at the time.

Several across left index finger main knuckle from punching through wood paneling.

And countless tiny scars on my head from what I don’t know. I didn’t even know I had them until I tried shaving my head last November (maybe I really was abducted by aliens…).

Actually, one of them is from when I was about a year old and I fell off the back of some aluminum bleachers and landed on my head. My momma didn’t drop me on my head when I was a baby! I did it of my own volition, dammit!

hmmm, working my way up in cool:

  • back of my left hand from the back window sun guard on my parents car (10yo)

  • bottom of left foot, from impaling on a shard of glass (4yo)

  • right fist from punching through plate glass so I could attack my brother (8yo)

-left knee from falling onto the edge of a brick wall on the way to school, and failing to clean it off (8yo)

  • right side of head from impact with road, following impact with car windshield (6yo)

  • right arm. bone snapped and busted out of the arm entirely. The arm was hanging on by about 2" of skin and muscle. Same accident as above (6 yo)

32654334 scars all over my hands/arms from working on cars for 13 years.

The most memorable one, though, is from when I stupidly was prying something out of an engine compartment and the prybar slipped…


Right on the side of my nose. Blood everywhere. Lots of it. Lucky I didn’t take my eye out. :eek:

I put pressure on it, and the bleeding subsided. I told my friend I did not want to go and get stitches. I said, “Noooo, if I get stitches, I’ll get an ugly scar on my face!” When he informed me that I would get an ugly scar if I didn’t go and get stitches, I relented. I got 4 of them on the side of my nose.

I can barely see it today, and if people don’t know about it, they won’t see it. I wear makeup whenever outside the house, so it’s virtually invisible.

Little ones all over. Various stitches for stuff like a heart catheter, a whatever they stuck through my ribs to drain my lungs, a couple of transfusions, and a few deep cuts. A long one from sternum to pubis that artfully dodges my navel (ruptured liver), an appendix scar, two hernia scars and a drainage tube scar(post liver operation). And a small area of 3rd degree burn on my back.

Gee, that was a fun post.

Two small scars on my forehead from where I split my head open (twice, at ages 3 and 4–I was a bright kid) and required stitches.

A few pretty unnoticeable ones on my legs–remnants of bike and sports accidents as a kid.

A few burn scars on my arms, from not being too terribly deft with an iron or a curling iron.

One (thankfully unnoticeable) scar on my wrist from age 15. It’s not a pretty story.