School's out, and the first-graders are here.

Yes, i like to chew it chew it, we’re all really impressed with your ability to type. And oooooh, loook – pretty colors too!!

And if Jonathan Ross isn’t you posting under another screen name, I’ll eat my chocolate-flavored mousemat…

U R A yanky doodl

I r, yes. But I also know what comes after 9.


Jeez, if Konrad thought GQ posts were too basic before

I don’t normally indulge in attacks such as these, but I find the arguments put forward by Jonathan ross in this thread lack a certain logical coherence. He puts forward a rhetorical question, and then is hoist with his own petard by answering it. Whereas i like to chew it chew it in here tends to use mere repetition in place of an argument.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you need to go back to your textbooks, chaps.

[sub]Psst, jr8, I was taking the piss.[/sub]

Oh, sure! You jsut come into the pit and start a nasty thread about two people who haven’t been here long enough to learn the ropes!!

What comes next?
What comes next?
What comes next?
What comes next?

Size has been reduced sozat y’all don’t go into siezures.

We’re on it.

Thanks, Coldy.

Yeah, I got that. :wink:

Ya know, it’s funny.

Used to be, back before the days of AOL and universal 'net access, that the bulk of lusers were college students. Come September, they’d get to school and get their school accounts and absolutely flood usenet and bbss with inanity. Kids playing with a new toy and all that. There was a second, less dramatic influx in January as well.

It’s just funny to me how things have changed.